If you are searching for information concerning exercises for lower back pain, then you have no doubt come to learn how these exercises are used to address both acute and chronic back pain symptoms. The foremost job of the person is to find the best spine surgeons in NJ. The lower back pain of the patient will be eliminated from the patient’s body.

You have probably also surmised that in most cases you don’t need any special equipment. That last point is really great news considering the prices of exercise equipment these days. A BowFlex Home Gym can run around $3000.00 dollars!

What you may not know or have not been told is that exercises for lower back pain are not suitable for everyone. That is why it is crucially important to acquire an assessment from a trained and certified Physical Therapist prior to engaging in any exercises that could very well turn out to permanently debilitate you.

Why does a person dealing with back pain issues need a physical therapist? There are two primary reasons. The first one being the fact that has already been alluded to and that is the very scary thought of further exacerbating your back pain problems. There are just too many bad scenarios that could play out.

You could be doing the completely wrong exercises for your symptoms

You could be doing the right exercises the wrong way

Exercises for lower back pain could be the last thing you need for your condition

What you thought was back pain could turn out to be kidney pain or something else

In addition, your situation could be worse or better than you had previously believed or thought. The only way to clarify where you actually stand in any of those scenarios is through the proper care of a physical therapist. In actuality, depending on the severity of your symptoms and pain, a MRI Scan may be warranted.

The second reason is, you have no way of knowing what you are actually dealing with if you are attempting to engage in the common (DIY) Do It Yourself symptom analysis. There comes a time when you MUST make a decision to go see a doctor. If you don’t know when that time has come, you are putting your physical well-being and health at jeopardy.

There are various reasons why people experience back pain. It could be due to a slip and fall accident, sport injury, auto accident or from lifting a heavy object. It could also be due to age, inactivity, over strenuous exercising or some type of disease or a more serious medical problem. This is why self-diagnosis is ill advised. Just deciphering the various types of back pains can become a challenge for some individuals. Here’s a run down of the most common types of back pain.

Acute back pain – usually localized to a specific area of the back. This type of pain is typically the result of a muscle strain after lifting something heavy or overdoing your daily exercise routine.

Chronic back pain – this localized back pain usually settles in the middle or lower back and may be exacerbated by sitting or standing for long periods of time.

Stiffness in back – this is probably the most common type of back pain symptom that people experience. However, the degree of stiffness and the discomfort itself can vary significantly. It can range from a persistent ache, or stiffness in the area, especially if they have been lying or sitting in one position for a period of time.

Clear Warning Signs That Exercises For Lower Back Pain Are Not Your Solution





Shooting Pain From Your Spine To Your Legs

Back Pain That Intensifies When You Exercise

Back Pain That Intensifies When You Attempt Simple Movements

You Are Over 50 and the Back Pain Seemingly Appears Out of Nowhere

In our fast paced World Wide Web based society, unfortunately, do it yourself diagnosis have become the norm. When a person is experiencing back pain, their first inclination is start searching the Internet for descriptions of their symptoms. Essentially they are starting the process of playing doctor. This search usually leads them to a plethora of writers, (who are not medical professionals, mind you) and they are advised to engage in any number of exercises for lower back pain they assert may alleviate the problem.

They are advised by their non-medical experts on the virtues of how exercises for lower back pain are the solution to their pain. They are then encouraged to engage in super simple exercises that can be performed in the privacy of their homes without any special equipment or doctor’s examinations. What they usually never clarify is the irrefutable fact that exercises for lower back pain will most likely cause further damage if not done under the proper supervision.