These days, everybody is talking about going green. Wind turbines or solar panels to create energy and clean emissions from automobiles that run on alternative fuels. But none of this would be possible without the best kept secret in every industry… Water Treatment…

When most people think about water treatment they think about clean water for drinking, bathing and even watering lawns. Though this is true, it is not even a fraction of the things we use water treatment for. Water has made everything possible, from microchips to power generation.

Everything we do in life revolves around water. If it were not for water, we could not survive. If it wasn’t for the semiconductor, you would not have that home computer system or those touch screen cell phones. It is because of water that we have electricity in our homes. Even beer and alcohol require water treatment.

According to the United States Census Bureau at, our current world population is at 7,029,872,203 people and by July 1, 2013 it is expected to be around 7,100,414,131. That’s 71 million more lives in just one year. All of those people need waterΓǪmillions of gallons of it.

It’s important also to mention the scare of global water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid. With so many people in the world the spread of disease is great. Purifying the water helps to limit that spread. Even natural waters found in mountains, lakes and streams may contain deadly diseases such as Cryptosporidium.

Clean water is a must! Fortunately the technology for purifying the water is already here.

Membrane water treatment is one of the most prominent and effective forms of water purification. The most widely used membrane technology is based on a simple process called “Reverse Osmosis”.

Osmosis is the net movement of water molecules through a special membrane from a solution with lower dissolved substances into a solution with higher dissolved substances. This is occurring in our bodies every movement. When we drink water, soda, etc. the water passes from our stomach into our bloodstream due to osmosis. In addition, when it comes to businesses, experts recommend that they utilize commercial water softeners in order to remove the unnecessary detergents from the water supply. This will also allow businesses to cut cost.

┬╖ Reverse Osmosis occurs when the solution with higher dissolved substances is pressurized and applied to a special membrane. Water is forced through the membrane, typically leaving 99%+ of the impurities behind.

Almost every industry now uses the reverse osmosis technology. The biggest problem is that there are not enough trained water treatment professionals to operate, troubleshoot and maintain them.

Existing personnel are growing older and the pioneers who help develop the technology are starting to retire, leaving openings for a new generations. The new generations, however, do not have much knowledge about this technology.

Make no doubt about it, with the rise of the population and the spread of water borne diseases, water treatment is big business. For trained professionals, there are hundreds of thousands of jobs worldwide.

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