It is well known that the personalities of people are influenced by their date of birth and can be predicted quite accurately by making their horoscopes according to their date and month of birth. Like people puppies have distinct personalities. Many astrologers believe that a puppy’s personality and temperament can be predicted if its date and month of birth are correctly known. Astrological signs can be assigned to puppies just like humans according to their horoscopes. If this is true then horoscope data can help us in selecting the right puppy for our purpose, because everyone has a different reason for selecting a dog.

Because the temperaments of dogs belonging to the same breed can vary this knowledge can be useful in making the right choice. To be able to make puppy horoscopes you will need the date of birth of the puppy, which may not be always available. This is especially true if you are adopting a new puppy, which has been abandoned, from the local pound. However you may be able to find out the month of birth, which can help you to make the horoscope. You can get very close to the horoscope by matching the traits described below for different astrological signs.

Below are the horoscope details of puppies according to their astrological signs that will help you to select a puppy compatible to your requirements. Along with the human, the advantages are available to the puppies related to horoscopes. The online kundli match feature will deliver the effective results to the perfect partners. The compatibility requirements should match and the things should be noticed carefully to get the benefit. The understanding of the astrological signs are great with the priests. 

Aries puppies.

Puppies born between March 21 and April 19 have the Aries astrological sign. These puppies are full of vibrant energy, dynamic, lovely and very active. They love new and exciting things. They are adventurous and independent explorers. If you are an outdoor type of person who enjoys outdoor activities, adventures and hiking Aries puppies can prove to be very good companions.

Taurus puppies.

Taurus puppies are born between April 20 and May 20. By nature they are in contrast to Aries puppies. They are reserved, stable, loyal and dependable. They are affectionate animals and deep down they are in need of affection and security. They make the perfect companions for people who like peace and quiet like elderly people. They grow up to be calm but deeply devoted pets.

Gemini puppies.

Puppies born between May 21 and June 21 are Gemini puppies. They are bright and are the best candidates for dog obedience training. They can be taught tricks quickly and impress their tutors and masters. They are fun to be with and have very good communication skills. They are full of life and energy. Although they are a bit curious they are charming puppies.

Cancer puppies

These puppies are born between June 22 and July 22. They are emotionally very sensitive and affectionate. You can easily hurt their feelings by scolding them often. Cancer puppies are very caring and kind and make very loyal companions. You can always depend on them to be present when a person or animal needs love and sympathy. Handle them gently with lots of love and affection.

Leo puppies.

Puppies born between July 23 and August 22 are Leo. Just like people under the Leo Zodiac sign these puppies need a lot of attention and like to be at the center of everything. They make energetic and lively companions. Be sure to give it a lot of attention, admiration and recognition if your puppy is Leo. They are known as the dramatic dogs.

Virgo puppies.

Puppies born between August 23 and September 22 come under the Virgo zodiac sign. They are reserved and cautious. They prefer quite and peace and thus are happy when living with small families. They are clean, hardworking, kind and gentle. Virgo puppies like clean and tidy environments and keep their own environments as such. As they are hardworking they can be trained easily.

Libra puppies.

Born between September 23 and October 22 Libra puppies are the most easygoing amongst all puppies. Like Leo puppies they too like attention but prefer it to be low key. They are loving, gentle and affectionate. Your Libra dog or puppy will charm your guests because it is seldom aggressive. They are friendly towards everyone and have a beautiful appearance.

Scorpio puppies.

Scorpio puppies are the ones born between October 23 and November 21. If you want a loyal dog then the Scorpio puppy is for you. They are the most loyal of all puppies. They are quite sensitive and secretive in nature. They are intense and emotionally sensitive creatures. They will always remember a hurt and show aggressive behavior towards people who have hurt them in the past. They will reciprocate with a lot of understanding and loyalty if they receive the same from you.

Sagittarius puppies.

Sagittarian puppies are born between November 22 and December 21 and are very brave and smart. As adult dogs they have been known to have rescued people from life threatening situations like fires and floods. They are always looking for adventure and you will never have a dull moment around the Sagittarian happy go lucky puppy or dog. They are athletic, sporty but a little bit clumsy.

Capricorn puppies.

Capricornian puppies are born between December 22 and January. They grow to become serious and reserved dogs although as puppies they are fun to be with. They provide reliability and steadiness. Although very introverted and not easy to know, they make good, reliable and loyal pets.

Aquarius puppies.

Aquarian puppies are born between January 20 and February 18. They are the friendly type and love to meet other people and animals. They are the quirky type but fun to be with. They are themselves eccentric and are suited for eccentric owners who are not always methodical. They are never shy and like meeting strangers.

Pisces puppy.

Born between February 19 and March 20 the Pisces puppy seems to intuitively judge its companions mood. They intuitively guess what the owner is thinking and adjust themselves with his or her mood. The make true soul mates. Pisces puppies are quiet intelligent and wise although they may sometimes appear to be dreamy and disinterested in their surroundings. They need peace and quiet to remain healthy and happy.

Knowing about puppy horoscopes can help you to choose the most suitable puppy for your requirements once you have decided on the breed. This knowledge about puppy horoscopes will help you to make a wise choice as people usually get very attached to their puppies and keep them for life. It is not easy to give up a puppy once you have had it for some time. Such a decision is traumatic for the owner as well as the puppy. However, as astrology is not an exact science make use of this information wisely.