Almost everyone knows about cryptocurrency. It is a type of virtual currency that has gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, and people are highly attracted. There are investing in them to a great extent and are also enjoying different services offered by these digital currencies. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency ever introduced, but now umpteen different cryptocurrencies are floating in the market. These digital currencies are managed and controlled by using a unique method known as cryptography.

Bitcoin is quite popular and has attracted a lot of investors since it has been launched, but now people are concerned about its future and its scope. The regular fluctuations in the prices of bitcoin have made it a risky thing to invest in and have given birth to a controversial debate over the future of digital currencies like bitcoin. The Bitcoin Era is now on the verge of ending, and investors are skeptical about is future. Different people have different opinions over the future of the bitcoin, but we shall consider all the vital factors to come on to a decision.

Let’s understand what bitcoin is

For predicting the future of bitcoin, we need to understand it properly first. Bitcoin is a digital currency that serves all the purposes of currency but works over the internet. Unlike our country’s currencies, there is no authority the controls or manages the bitcoin, which makes it away from the control of the government and their unnecessary interference. The process which is used to create bitcoin is known as mining, and for bitcoin mining, you need a powerful computer system as it involves a lot of hefty calculations and algorithms. The significant difference between the standard currencies is that the government authorities issue the normal currency, and they have full control over the flow of currency. On the contrary, bitcoin has no governing authorities and is fully controlled and manages by the investors.

Future prospects of the bitcoin

Now, the primary concern of the investors is that is there a good future for bitcoin. According to the research, the market for digital currency is expected to skyrocket in the future. There is an excellent scope for digital currency in the future as the upcoming generation is educated and modern, and they believe more digital things as compared to traditional, outdated things. It is a good sign for the future of the bitcoin.

Options that can replace bitcoin

Success sometimes creates a lot of competitors for you. After the great success received by bitcoin, various other cryptocurrencies have been launched in the market, which has definitely affected the growth and scope of the bitcoin. Some of the significant alternatives to bitcoin present in the market are:


It is a newly launched digital currency which has a lot of potentials and is one of the biggest competitors to bitcoin. It is comparatively less costly and offers excellent speed. You don’t require any kind of powerful computer for its mining as it can be easily mined on a standard computer, which makes it more convenient.


It is another great rival to bitcoin and offers both a payment system and currency at the same time. It takes mere seconds to transfer money on the network of ripple, and you can transfer funds in any currency using it.