According to professionals, commanders are considered as the heart of the Rise of Kingdoms.  All you need to develop a particular commander in such a game. No doubt, legendary commanders are proven to be great. It would be quite difficult to upgrade the legendary commanders in the game.

It is your responsibility to pay close attention to the Elite and Epic commanders in the game. There are varieties of multiple commanders are available in the game, and a person needs to opt for the best one. Make sure that you are choosing specializing troops that would be helpful during the war. You have to choose the commanders according to the talent and skills, as well.  To win a lot of complicated battles in the game, then you have to choose a powerful commander.

  • Luck

No doubt, build totally depends on luck. In order to unlock the favorite commander, then sometimes you have to wait for a lot of time. All you need to improve the level of XP tomes in the game. Talent and skills are always providing the marginal improvement in Rise of kingdoms.  This will help you in creating strong armies in the game.  If you are a casual player, then creating a particular build can be a challenging task for a person.

  • March speed

If you want to enhance the march speed of commanders, then a person needs to focus on a variety of important things like –

  1. Research of Category
  2. Tiers of Troop
  3. T5 is considered as the slowest commander

Try to consider the main commanders in the game like Boudica & Lohar, as well. A person needs to obtain important gathers in the game like the centurion, Sarka, Joan, and others. To enhance the speed of the commander, then the user should collect essential gatherings in the game.

  • Rome

If you are searching for an aggressive and attacking player, then Rome would be a great option for you. Nothing is better than a higher marching speed that will help you in achieving the goals and target locations as well. To know something related to the then user should check the and get to know regarding powerful commanders.

  • Britain

The majority of the players are choosing Britain that is considered a good option in an alliance.  If you want to create a perfect team, then you have to add a dedicated resource gathering commanders like Britain in the team.

  • Spain

To obtain an almost 10% troop load bonus, then you should opt for Spain that is reliable p[lace for the farming. If you want to avoid the fighting with combat, then you should opt for a top tier nation where you will able to focus on the troops.

  • Korea

If you want to obtain the archer defense, bonuses, and other important things, then you should opt for Korea. To improve the marcher of the troops, then it is your responsibility to make the use of virtual currency that is well known as gems.

  • Conclusive words

Lastly, all you need to choose the primary & secondary commander for the wall.  User needs to collect the essential resources like gems that will help you in creating a powerful and high ranked commander in the game.  Users can upgrade some commanders with ease like Dragon Lancer & Lancelot, as well.