As we draw closer to the month of April, numerous marketers are still working out the design for their Easter email marketing campaigns. There are several images that would be fitting for a template, but with this particular holiday being draped in Christian religion, you have to be very careful with your selection in an effort not to offend your subscribers. This factor can make choosing difficult, but don’t get too down because there are more than enough images to fill email templates that are suitable for your entire list.


Flowers have been a part of the Easter tradition for years. In fact, quite a few of them are widely recognized as symbols of the tradition. To this day, lilies, daisies and tulips make up centerpieces and various other decorations put together for every Easter Sunday. Now certain variations do have religion meanings behind them, but flowers are so general and beautiful that they can only help the cause when implemented with a bit of creativity. Using this image in a template would be ideal for a simple greeting that wishes your readers a happy and prosperous Easter.


The history of bunnies and Easter is said to go back to the days of the Holy Roman Empire. Similar to how birds lay eggs, hares give birth in the early spring, which resulted in the hare (and rabbit) becoming a symbol of both spring and fertility. The Easter Bunny is innocent for the most part, but still a touchy subject for some, including a few of those who believe in the associated resurrection of Jesus. Going with bunnies might not be the safest bet, but using images of other likeable animals would be perfect. Whether it’s working with stock photos or designing from scratch, images of cute puppies, kittens, or chicks could all help build a foundation your audience will approve of.

Natural Landscapes

For many people, the mere thought of Easter is a reminder that spring and its warm weather is on the way. It often makes us think of all the fun stuff we could do if it weren’t so cold and nature could reveal itself. Images that capture the essence of spring or nature in general just might be the perfect look for your email templates. There are plenty of ways to approach this as you could pick out some lush natural landscapes, complement them with images of flowers and adorable animals, or throw in something more specific to your brand. With the right creative approach, you could have an inviting, effective design that gets the job done.

Design and creativity go hand in hand together as they demand a person to be innovative in his thinking without showing it in public and for further information is an excellent website to understand it in detail.

It would be nice if you could didn’t have to be so cautious when prepping your holiday email campaigns, but Easter is one of those occasions that just calls for it. Be unique in your design strategy, and you will come up with a presentation that pleases the masses.