What is it?

Vindictus, known as Mabinogi Heroes in Korea, is an MMORPG developed by dev cat and based mainly around dungeon running. It has a dungeon system similar to ‘Grand Chase Online’. It was released in NA on October 27, 2010, and has since been the center of attention in the gaming world. Ever since its release, this game was liked by all the players around the globe. If you are one of them then you should try cool minecraft seeds for a much better and fun experience of this game. That can help you in making the best out of your online game. 


The object of the game is to clear dungeons by defeating enemies. It may sound be boring at first, but it gets interesting as you get into higher-level dungeons. You can run with a party of 4 people in regular dungeons and up to 8 in raid dungeons. Raid dungeons are specifically focused on the main boss with rarely any other high-leveled monsters. Along with dungeons, there is also PVP, fishing, and crafting.

Graphics and Sound

Graphics are a big part of any MMO. Vindictus is high in the ranks for having some of the most epic graphics. These graphics won’t kill the computer either. If your computer is really bad, even the lowest setting of graphics still looks just as epic as the highest settings. I have played on normal graphics and love the detail the game provides without my laptop freaking out. The sound isn’t too bad, except for the annoying grunts that come from your character (depending on which you have) every time they attack. The background music isn’t too bad either, each dungeon having fitting music and boss scenes with their own individual track.


There are currently three gender-locked (meaning you can’t pick the gender) characters, with a 4th being released on June 15, 2011. The characters are Evie, a female mage who can later use a battle scythe; Fiona, a female warrior who wields a sword but can later use a battle hammer; Lann, a male swordsman who uses double swords or can later change to spears; and Karok, who is an upcoming character, his weapons are not really known at the moment. When you first create a character, you are given a few options in hair and plenty of skin and eye customization options. Be careful, unless you want to buy a customization pack from the premium shop, later on, you cannot change the physical appearance of your character. The game also has a unique dyeing system, so your gear is customizable.

Cash Shop

The game does feature a cash shop, however, unlike other MMO’s, the cash shop is not heavily relied on in gameplay. There are a few enhancing items and premium customization (such as hair, skin, eyes, tattoos, inner armor) but other than that nothing much. This is what is great about Vindictus, gamers do not have to rely on a cash shop in order to play the game.


There are two servers, Eat and West. In those servers there are 200 channels, if you find yourself laggy on a certain channel, simply switch to another, lag issue solved. Lag is sometimes present after updates but quickly fades.


Vindictus is a highly addictive game that brings more action than expected. I give it an 8.5/10 for its awesome graphics and gameplay.