What is CBD OIL?

The recreational use of Marijuana is still a hotly disputed topic among several countries and states. While some countries have taken the leap of faith and legalized the substance, many countries still consider marijuana a harmful, mind-altering drug that can be used as an accessory for youth abuse. But CBD oil, or Cannabidiol, is quite a recent innovation that has been creating much interest in the consumer market as of late. The Cannabis Sativa plant is known to contain many chemicals of which the strongest, principal chemical is the delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, better known as THC and Cannabidiol. This oil is derived from hemp, which is the least processed part of the plant. CBD oil, unlike Marijuana, has no effect on the human psyche.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), CBD oil benefits are manifold and it can be used to treat some serious illnesses. In fact, it helps in beating several ailments and diseases including depression, anxiety, heart conditions, seizures, multiple sclerosis and many more.

Now the question comes: is CBD oil at all legal in the UK? The article below offers a brief.

Is It Legal In The UK?

Despite being as advantageous as it is, there are still strong rules and regulations against the usage of CBD oil in many places around the world. The United Kingdom or UK must, however, be excluded from this narrative, as they have tried and tested the product and come up with only positive results. As a result, yes, CBD oil is considered a legal commodity within the country’s premises.

The country’s Home Secretary, Sajid Javid, has spoken up exclusively about the use of CBD oil. In fact, he has even declared that all specialist doctors in the UK can legally prescribe the application of CBD oil to patients. However, there are some guidelines to be followed in this respect too. The UK Home Office clearly states that when the oil is in possession of any patient it must contain only 0.2% of THC and not more. It should also be kept in mind that THC is not easily separated from the oil.

The purchasing of CBD oil is only considered legal, when the hemp strain from which it has been obtained is EU approved and thereby containing as little amount of THC as possible. For this very reason, Cannabis oil, which is very similar to CBD oil in many respects, has not yet been legalized in the UK. The former contains a much higher THC content.

Moreover, cannabis-derived products that are available and sold online still fall under illegal purchase. It’s mainly because most of them contain irregular quantities of THC and other chemicals, making the oil impure. Despite the basic level rules and regulations kept for the process of safety, the UK is known for its legalization o CBD oil. The cool part is that, reportedly, there are approximately 300,000 users among the country itself.

How is CBD oil put to use?

CBD oil can be used in various ways. You can purchase it in capsule forms, use as oral drops, and smoke it in vape pens. You can also use it topically on your skin, or as a massager spray.