Did you try and open your double-hung windows only to find them stuck in place? In my experience, there are three main reasons why a double-hung window won’t open. The most common reason why a double-hung window sticks is that it’s been painted shut. Water damage or mechanical issues with the spring lift or sash cord are other likely culprits. If these issues are plaguing your household, here are a few things that you may want to try in order to get the window open:

Windows that Have Been Painted Shut

The first thing that you should do is examine the window. If it looks like a paint issue, try and carefully break the seal with a sheet rock knife or a metal putty knife. Another option is to use a pry bar. One word of advice though. If you decide to use the pry bar, make sure that you place a block of wood between the window sill and the pry bar. Otherwise, as you try and work the window free, you may end up damaging the sill with the pry bar. Most likely you’ll need to try and work the sash stops free as well. In order to work the sash stops free, place a small piece of wood near the stop and alongside the casing. Lightly tap the block of wood with the hammer. Hopefully, in doing so, the sash will work itself free.

Windows that Have Been Swollen Shut

I once encountered a double-hung window that was swollen shut due to water damage. The window’s wooden casing had been neglected and left otherwise unprotected against the elements. Humidity and precipitation had caused the wood to swell, thus keeping it from opening. I was able to dry out the wood somewhat with a heat gun. Once the wood dried out and the swelling went down, I was able to pry open the window with a pry bar and make the necessary repairs. Heat guns may be purchased through most home improvement stores and typically cost $14 or more depending on the amount of heat the gun is capable of generating.

Windows with Broken Spring Lifts

A broken spring lift might also be to blame for your window’s current, inoperable status. In order to repair or replace the broken spring, you will need to remove the window’s inside stop so you can access the screw that holds the spring lift in place. Once you have access to the screw, grab a hold of the spring lift and try tightening the screw. Put the window back together and see if it will open. If it doesn’t fix the problem, go ahead and remove the spring lift by unscrewing it and allowing it to unwind. After it unwinds, pull out the sash and finish removing the spring lift. You can typically purchase replacement spring lifts online through most window retailers.

Windows with Broken Sash Cords

In my experience, broken sash cords are one of the most frustrating things to repair on a double-hung window. Start by removing the window’s inside stops and moving the sash so it clears the window frame. Then grab a hold of the weighted cord so it won’t slip down inside the window jamb. Proceed by removing the access cover and installing a new sash cord. You’ll need to thread the cord through the pulleys, which can be a aggravating. Once you’ve run the sash cord through the pulleys, you’ll need to reattach the weights and reinstall the window. Sash cords may also be bought online and will generally cost you $18 to $23 depending on the cord’s diameter and length.

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