Twitter has taken the sport, celebrity, and news world by storm. With the ability to instantly update your status and whereabouts and what is going on in your world or the world outside of you, it is constantly updated information right at your fingertips. It is also a great advertising tool for companies looking to promote their products. Aside from the fact that they can buy automatic instagram likes,  with a higher klout score and more people who follow your account, you could also be open to sponsorship opportunities,  which of course the majority of the following people have taken clear advantage of. Here is a list of the most popular Twitter accounts in the world as stated by For a more complete list of the top 200 Twitter accounts, please go to the aforementioned website!

  1. Kim Kardashian – @KimKardashian – 16,447,253 followers. Kim Kardashian would probably like to see herself higher on this list, but cracking the top ten is an accomplisment in itself. The reality TV star is no stranger to sharing her secrets with the world, or sex tapes for that matter.
  2. Shakira – @Shakira – 18,556,129 followers. Shakira is a latina pop star who has made waves here in America with plenty of Billboard hits. Her followers come from all over the globe as she truly has become a global icon.
  3. YouTube – @YouTube – 18,759,195 followers. The only non-person on the top ten list, YouTube was recently purchased by Google and has flourished ever since. The daily updated videos from users across the world has given us an inside look into the humor, entertainment and news from all over the globe.
  4. Taylor Swift – @taylorswift13 – 20,160,611 followers. Cracking the 20 million followers mark, the country/pop crossover artist speaks to a lot of young girls who have grown up on this technology, attributing to her massive following.
  5. Barack Obama – @BarackObama – 21,456,009 followers. The President of the United States took to Twitter right around the time his campaign for the Presidency started. He introduced a new wave of political and news updates to his followers and possibly changed the way politicians approach elections from now on.
  6. Britney Spears – @britneyspears – 21,457,644 followers – Current X Factor judge and pop icon, Britney Spears is no stranger to the spotlight. Her loyal fans come out in numbers to follow Ms. Spears, who has cracked the top 5.
  7. Rihanna – @rihanna – 26,446,317 followers – Breaking the 25 million follower mark, Rihanna has become the biggest name in R B; and pop music crossover genre throughout the world. Her music is just as popular here as it is overseas.
  8. Katy Perry – @katyperry – 28,358,118 followers – Katy Perry has become one of the most successful musicians since the Beatles. Her last album has the most number one Billboard hits all time. Her status in the Twitter world is rising with her star in the music world.
  9. Justin Bieber – @justinbieber – 29,544,693 followers – Apparently Bieber fever knows no bounds. His loyal and obsessive fan base comes out in droves to see what Bieber will do next. From unkown two years ago, to the second most popular person in social media today.
  10. Lady Gaga – @ladygaga – 30,752,978 followers – The undisputed queen of Twitter has held the reigns of most followed for awhile now. Her “little monsters” have supported her since day 1 and her music ability and talent is surpassed by non these days, and neither is her amount of followers.