Every kitchen should have a quality knife set. Some knife sets can be purchased relatively inexpensively, but they tend to be of lesser quality and prone to dulling or even breaking or degrading over time. A quality knife set can be expensive at times, but they are usually guaranteed to last a very long time, if not your entire lifetime, and retain their sharpness, or only require minimal sharpening. This is what makes it really important that you choose your knife carefully. You can click on Best Knives Reviewed & Compared if you are not that familiar with the aspects that you should be looking for in a knife. Moreover, this will help you in choosing the best knife set that is available in the market at reasonable prices.

Extremely handy for all manner of kitchen preparation work, a good knife set will contain all the necessary knives required for the most common prep uses, from cutting and slicing vegetables to carving meat and poultry. For under $200, you should have no problem finding a knife set containing an excellent selection of finely crafted knives that will serve you well for many years.

The Anolon Advanced Collection 52616 8-Piece Knife Set is equipped with a variety of five purposeful kitchen knives, an accompanying sharpener, and handy shears, all housed within a solid bamboo knife block. The block itself contains labeled slots for easy knife placement, and a few extra slots should you seek to add additional knives to the collection.

The knives of the Anolon Advanced Collection Knife Set are forged of German carbon steel, resistant to rust and staining, and able to retain a sharp edge longer due to an ice-hardening process. Comfortable and balanced, the knives are designed to make cutting and prep work smoother and easier. The ergonomic handles serve to provide a comfortable grip, reducing hand stress during extensive prepping.

The Anolon Advanced Collection Knife Set does not include a set of steak knives, but a matching set can be purchased separately. This knife set is an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality at a moderate cost.

Another fine set is the Henckels Twin Signature Stainless-Steel 11-Piece Knife Set with Block. This knife set, made in Germany, features quality workmanship with stamped blades, ice-hardened for extra strength. A sharpener and kitchen shears are also included, stored neatly along with the knives in a natural hardwood block.

The blades are high-carbon, stainless steel, and have been laser cut for a more precise angle. The polymer handles are reminiscent of a traditional-styled knife handle but have been subtly adjusted to provide a comfortable ergonomic grip and encase the blade of the knife seamlessly, preventing food and other material from being caught in gaps, adding to degradation. The knives can be cleaned in a dishwasher but it is recommended to wash them by hand in order to ensure longer life.

The Calphalon Contemporary 15-Piece Knife Set with Block is designed with a sleek, contemporary style in mind, but does not sacrifice quality or function. A knife block of solid maple houses a superbly crafted set of knives and accessories, all forged of high-carbon, again keeping the blades safe from rust and staining. The knives rest gently in horizontal slots which help keep the blades keen and sharp, preventing wearing.

As with the Henckels Knife Set, the knives of the Calphalon Knife Set possess a stylish yet seamless handle. The bottoms of the handles provide a small identification marking so you can easily select the best knife for the task at hand. Aside from a sharpener and kitchen shears, this set also features a 6-inch fork and 6 steak knives.

For quality knives possessing a more stylistic flair, you might want to consider the KitchenAid 16-Piece Red Silicone Cutlery Set in Contemporary Natural Block. This stunning knife set is elegantly displayed in a natural wood knife block in a contemporary style, and the handles are a dazzling red (they are also available in black if desired).

The blades of the KitchenAid Cutlery Set are finely fashioned from high carbon stainless steel, and the comfortably-cushioned silicone handles provide a non-slip grip for smooth use. This cutlery set also includes eight steak knives, and can also be purchased with a more traditional-styled knife block.