Are you an avid gamer? If yes, then you have must come across AFK Arena. Launched on platforms like Android and iOS, AFK Arena is one of the well-known role-playing games. You even can find redemption codes to earn throughout the game play to get items or heroes. Inquisitive about the redemption codes? Click here to know more.

AFK Arena has all different kinds of heroes. Some of the major names here are: Belinda, Lucius, Khasos, Rowan and so on. All heroes have different kinds of strength, intelligence and agility. Some of these heroes are healers and support healers who are very important for the AFK Arena.

Below is a brief on AFK heroes who are healers.  


  • She is the daughter of the mayor of a major trading hub inside the kingdom
  • The early stages of her life were fun, carefree and comfortable. The initial eight years of here life was spent happily and with content. She was always surrounded by her loving and caring family and friends.
  • Rosaline was born and brought up in a rich city. There was a surplus stock of food and other supplies that was maintained over the years. Rosaline’s father even took in refugees who were on a run from the north due to food scarcity.
  • Rosaline is a well educated and well-travelled lady. Shen often speaks about the essence of magic. Wider mage was someone who she confided in. He had introduced her to “spirituality”, a magic that brings out the inner spirit, be it from inanimate objects or the living. This was a skill that was very rare but could be manifested with time.
  • Rosaline had one motto in her life and that was “I am here to help”.


  • Rowan was born in the youngest and wealthiest noble house of Esperia. He is the second child in the family. His father is Reginald, the Patriarch.
  • Rowan was not just born with money. He also has extraordinary business skills. He had proven his skills when he was a small trader in the beginning of his adulthood.
  • Rowan now is an entitled lord. He has got several companies, mining operations and banks under his jurisdiction. He had come a long way from where he had started.
  • Titles and land were usually given as an award or recognition for any achievements, winning wars being one of such achievements. Although, Haus Gilder had earned his way yet it wasn’t by war- because combating a war was very costly. He had purchased his way to the aristocracy. Reginald Gilder’s gifts and loans from time to time provided him great respect and also rewarded him.
  • Rowan is very well known for his healing ability. As per the tier list of AFK Arena, Rowan is the best healer they have.


  • Gorvo is an inhabitant of the Azure Cove. The inhabitants of the Azure Cove are mainly known for their common features- harmony and grace. Gorvo is known for his poor disposition for rage and action.
  • There is hardly any part in the season where he does not display his power. He is usually found tossing guests onto the cove’s waves. He is completely inhospitable in nature.
  • In case if the guest fails to swim to the shore, Gorvo swims to the guest grumbling. He will himself retrieve the person and take him or her back to the shore.
  • Gorvo never allows his guests to stay for long.
  • Gorvo may not prove to a good friend but his loyalty towards the forest is unmatched. The time when Hypogean arrived in his territory, he had confronted him with the same hostile nature. His ample strength and dimensions helped him to battle the invaders successfully. He is his people’s weapon to fight any battle.
  • Any demon, no matter how big his stature is, can be defeated. Gorvo’s coat helps him to concentrate on the battle as it protects him. There is no weapon that can get through the coat.

  • Gorvo loves very few things in his life. He loves the excitement that a real struggle gives him. Also, when he encounters any supernatural activity, he feels happy.