With the increasing popularity of online game Clash Royale, there are millions of players that are becoming a part of this game and Clash World. Since there are tons of cards in this game it can take a lot of time for new players to figure out a deck and upgrade their level with that. This is where you can read this article and learn more about the best cards that are there in this game and how you can use them to win the game.

  1. Goblin Hut
    This a really good troop card that is used by your opponents quite often. You get to spawn 13 goblins and with this healthy spawn rate, you can easily outsmart your opponent. Moreover, as you use this card the spawned goblin is often ignored by your opponent that will deal a little damage to the tower as well.
  2. Ice Wizard
    One of the best legendary cards that are there in the game, as you use an Ice Wizard the speed of opponent’s cards is reduced significantly. This can be of great help as you are dealing with a card like balloons. Moreover, you get area damage which makes this card even more useful when it comes to battle troop cards such as the skeleton army. Although, the damage of this card is pretty low but this is a really good strategic card that can not be ignored.

  3. Royal Giants
    With royal giants, you can easily destroy bomb towers and cannons without getting hit by them. With the update of this card overall stats in two different updates, you can expect this card to used by players more often now. The royal giant deals with the towers while standing close to the bridge providing good support to other cards by sustaining all the damage.
  4. Mini Pekka
    With its high damage, you can use mini Pekka to deal with opponents with high HP.  Since the cost of deploying this card is only 4 elixir points you get a decent card that can aid you greatly in your battles.
  5. Minion Horde
    This is a really powerful card that is capable of wiping out almost every other card instantly. If your opponent is out of spells that can kill these minions, then you are going to get really good damage. However, the minions can be easily wiped out by fireball, arrows, and other such cards which is why it is a really good idea that you use these minions quite effectively.
  6. Elixer collector
    Another commonly used card that is really popular among all the top players. With an elixir collector, you get a constant boost in your elixir count so that you can use high elixir cards more effectively. You should also deploy this card as soon as the game starts so that you can easily get the boost from this card.
  7. Hog Rider
    The hog rider is one of the most used card in clash royale. You get an all round performance with this card. The card deals a good amount of damage to the towers unless your opponent takes severe measures to stop this card. Besides that, you also get high HP with hog rider making it difficult for troops with low damage to wipe this card out.
  8. Freeze Spell
    The combination of Freeze Spell along with hog rider is a deadly combination. You can easily destroy your opponent’s tower as you use these cards effectively. Make sure that you get a good idea of its range and size before you try this card in an actual battle. Moreover, in recent updated the card has been upgraded to deal with a little damage as you use it. This is why make sure that you do not use this card on the main tower.
  9. Valkyrie
    If you are looking for a card that can deal with troop cards, then Valkyrie is the best option that is there in clash royale. With its high HP and damage, you can use this card with almost every deck. This will help you in improving the overall efficiency of your deck.
  10. Princess
    The last card in this list, you have process one of the most versatile cards in the game. You have this amazing card with the highest range among all the cards. This card is capable of delivering damage to the towers without sustaining any damage from towers. Moreover, this card is really effective against troop cards such as minions, minion horde, skeleton army, etc. 

These are some of the best cards that you can use in the game known as Clash Royale and upgrade them and use them in different combinations to improve your game.