Riding a motorcycle can be a dangerous endeavor out on the freeways, two lane back roads and suburban city streets. Riders are more exposed on a motorcycle. This is part of the reason why motorcycle riders need to be even better trained and prepared than regular motorists. It’s a sad fact of life that motorcycle accidents can be brutal and can come with astronomical hospital costs. So make sure you are getting the motorcycle insurance coverage you need.  Just like a private car insurance, motorcycle insurance is very helpful in providing you protection and safety in case of unwanted or unexpected events. More than anything else, your safety should ne the number one priority . But what if you want to save money on your motorcycle insurance? Just like with your regular car insurance, it’s a good idea to look into what discounts your provider offers.

Buy More than One!

Most insurance providers offer discounts to riders who own more than one motorcycle. You can even cover your bike that is less valuable and only use it on occasion and still get the discount. This is an important one, as many (if not most) avid motorcyclists have at least two bikes.

Insure Your Cars with the Same Provider

As with your auto, fire, home and renters insurance be sure to bundle it all with one company. That way you maximize discounting.

Discounts for Mature Riders

There are differing tiers of age groups that are deemed to be the “safest” motorcycle riders, so check with your agent to see if you are from the desirable age bracket.

Complete a Motorcycle Safety Instruction Course

This is a must for every new motorcyclist out there. Cycles can be deadly, and classes like this will teach you to respect your bike and preserve your life.

Additional Discounts for Those who Teach Motorcycle Safety Courses

If you go to enough of those safety instruction courses and then become the teacher, you might qualify for an even bigger discount.

Talk to Your Agent Before Buying Your Bike

Two bikes may cost the same amount at the dealership but have wildly varying insurance premiums. This is so important to keep in mind, especially for younger riders. Your agent will be able to direct you to the motorcycle that, thanks to its safety reputation, has earned you a healthy discount.

Ask for a Part-Time or Occasional Driver Discount

If you only ride on weekends, there is the possibility that you can get a discount due to your low miles. As always, tell your agent if your bike becomes your daily driver.

Raise Your Deductible

Just like with your car, if you raise your deductible, your premiums go down each month. Be sure that if something happens, however, that you can still afford the deductible.

Skip Guest Passenger Liability Coverage

This covers people who ride as passengers on motorcycles, and the cost of this can be crippling for younger riders. If it isn’t a necessity, why not just skip taking passengers anywhere?

Maintain a Clean Driving Record

No tickets and no accidents equals a good motorcycle insurance discount.