What do you do if your husband or boyfriend gets another woman pregnant? It’s a hard thing to think about, but there are thousands of women that deal with this every day.

An outside child could be a result of an affair or the husband or boyfriend having sex with someone else during a separation period. Aside from the emotional consequences of a husband or boyfriend cheating, there are the physical consequences such as the possibility of a sexually transmitted disease or an unwanted pregnancy.

The added responsibility of a child being added to the mix can be daunting, but not impossible. There are thousands of women coping and perhaps thriving even though an outside child was not in the couple’s plan.

Here are some steps you can take if your husband or boyfriend impregnates another woman.

Decide if you’re going to stay. If you commit to staying in the marriage or relationship, honor that commitment without bitterness. Within a marriage you are honoring your vows of for better or for worse. You must define the next steps before finding love Quotes For Him. Within a dating relationship, you owe it to your future as a couple to either put effort in the relationship or to leave it behind altogether and start anew with someone else. Each day won’t be easy, but keep the overall focus in mind- to overcome this mishap and build a stronger relationship.

Be respectful of the baby’s mother. Although this woman obviously hasn’t been introduced to you under the best circumstances, she will be the mother of your stepchild or potentially future stepchild. In some cases she may not have known she was getting involved with someone married or involved. She could have unknowingly been the mistress so she deserved the benefit of the doubt Also by being respectful you can keep contact with her just enough to make sure she stays within her proper role- mother of your husband or boyfriend’s baby- and nothing more than that.

Be supportive of your husband or boyfriend’s right to be a part of the child’s life. Some women may want their husband to just forget about the child as though he or she doesn’t exist. They may encourage deadbeat behavior hoping the issue, and the child and mother, would disappear. The fact still remains that an innocent human life needs both of his or her parents, if possible. Don’t rob the child of this right.

Don’t keep the child from his or her siblings. If you already have children with your husband or boyfriend, the new baby from the affair will be their half brother or half sister. They will want to know about them and perhaps have a relationship with them. In a schedule that is comfortable for both mothers, the children should get together and play, preferably with their dad around to have bonding time. The children are the innocent parties and it may make what is a sticky situation easier as they get older if they have a relationship in place from the start.

Be kind to the child. Yes. The child will be a constant reminder of your husband or boyfriend’s affair, but as stated earlier, the child is innocent. You don’t have to feel the pressure to treat them as your own children, unless you want to, but at least be kind to the child because they did not ask to be brought into the world under this situation. You may even develop a relationship with the child you’re enjoy as they grow older and more independent from their mother.

These tips by no means will be easy to follow, but you do have a choice to adhere to them if you want to make your marriage or relationship stronger.