How well would you do if you were a farmer on a tropical island? Well, Tiki Farm on Facebook gives you the chance to find out. Think you are good enough to wear the flowered Hawaiian shirt or maybe you prefer a grass skirt? If you are looking for the gentle sounds of the ocean while you work, then this is the farm for you!

First, you must craft the avatar. After deciding your gender, you will need to choose your skin tone. There are four different choices of skin tone. Remember, this is a critical decision. After all, if you have a light complexion, you are going to need a lot of suntan oil. Ok, not really, after all this game is about farming.

If you are interested in taking your game one step ahead then you can choose lolboost for that. This way you get to level up really fast without investing too much time in the game. You can get to your desired level and play with all the top players. 

Next, you have to choose eye color. This is no small task as there are thirty-seven eye colors to choose from. After choosing eyes, you move on to the nose with seven choices and the mouth with fourteen. You will now move on to hair, with forty choices to choose from, and clothing choices numbering thirteen outfits that can be used. If all of this is too much of a bother and you just want to farm then just click on save and move on to the farming.

The first thing to do is click on your handy plow tool located in the lower right corner of the screen. Once you have clicked on the tool, you can plow a field. You have a limited amount of land you can plow for planting. Not to worry though, you will be able to plow more as you gain experience in Tiki Farm. Once you have plowed the ground, you can now plant your seeds. Click on the shop button, also on the lower right of the screen, and purchase something to plant. Since you are just learning the game and are probably are going to spend a few minutes playing now, consider planting quick-growing items such as mushrooms. These take around fifteen minutes to grow. You will not gain a lot of experience or money from them but you will be able to keep harvesting them every fifteen minutes. With the basics of planting behind you, the time has come to wait for your first crop to produce.

We jokingly mentioned the need for suntan lotion earlier; if you were trying for a tan this would be the ultimate place to get a suntan. It never rains on Tiki Island. Luckily, you control your own cloud and can summon the rain. This only affects one section of ground at a time and you will have to water each plant individually. You can tell if the ground has been watered by the color. If the ground is a darker brown it has been watered. Another thing to note is that your plants may get bugs. Simply click on the clear bug’s button and then click on the plant with the bugs. This will take care of the bugs and keep your plant healthy. Ignoring the bugs could be hazardous to your plant’s health.

Once your plants are done growing, you can harvest the plants. Using the harvest button, click on the plant and you will harvest the plant. Now that they are harvested, you can sell them at the market. This will allow you to make money to buy more plants. Click on the sell button. You will find yourself at the market where you can sell your harvest. With the money from the sale, you can buy more plants. Click on the shop button and start over again.

In the shop, there are other items that you can buy. There are two currencies in the game, the shell, and the gem. The shell is common and that is what you get for selling your harvest. The gem you need to buy with real-life currency. The gem currency allows you to get the better items in the game, such as the Tiki Bar.

There is also an achievement system in Tiki Farm. They can be reached by clicking at the top of the screen on the button with the trophy. This will show you how well you are doing in the game as well as giving you some goals. Last but just as important are your real-life friends on Facebook. If they join you in the game, they can help you out by sending gifts. Never underestimate the power of friends in this game. Having friends can get you a lot more things for your farm to help it grow faster than you can on your own. Also, anything that your friends send to you is free, so it is pure profit.