Home accessories have always been an integral part of home designs. Addition of home accessories add warmth and personality to an otherwise dull and boring house. For the past few years, it has been quite popular in home design to add an ethnic component in the overall appearance of the home. And the use of a Moroccan rug is one of the most popular ethnic home accessory being used by home designers.

Moroccan rug, though quite common in home design, is not as simple as it may appear. Moroccan rugs come in different styles and origins, and using one to integrate in a specific home design requires enough knowledge on how different Moroccan rugs are used.

Here a few things one needs to keep in mind when considering a Moroccan rug inside the house:

Not all Moroccan rugs are made for home use

Moroccans weave and manufacture rugs for different purposes. The quality and fabric used ultimately depends on where it’s supposed to be used. Before getting a Moroccan rug for your home, make sure to clarify if the tribal Moroccan rug you’re planning to get was made for home use or for market use.

Moroccan rugs only use natural dyes

Moroccan rugs, whatever the style or region of origin it may be, are known for sporting great colors in their fabrics. The dyes used to color the fabric used for Moroccan rugs and carpets are all natural. They make use of ocher or madder for the red hue, and saffron or turmeric for yellow. This makes Moroccan rug care a little from usual rugs and carpet. One must know how to properly maintain a Moroccan rug to make it last as long as possible.

Different Moroccan rugs are used for different purposes

Moroccon rugs come in different forms, based mainly on where it originated. Each rug from a different region or tribe feature a different kind of style and fabric quality. Familiarize yourself with the different origins of Moroccan rugs to know the appropriate use of each one.