Are you planning to travel soon? You better not get sick. Having to cancel your airplane flight, cruise, hotel bookings or tickets to a spectacular event such as the Superbowl can rip a grand chunk of money out of your wallet. First by losing money not being able to go and second if you have to rebook to go at a later date. Other reasons you might have to cancel could be work related. Your boss could have changed their mind about giving you the dates you requested off. The in-laws popped up unannounced and won’t leave. Your friend backed out on going and you don’t like travelling alone.

If you splurge on getaways then you might want to consider buying Travel Insurance. If you go on trips that are work related then you probably won’t have to worry about out of pocket expenses seeing that your job will most likely be paying for everything. Travel Insurance on the other hand can give you a peace of mind and help you to avoid losing large sums of money. If you purchase an airfare, cruise, hotel or an event ticket that costs $300 dollars or less Travel Insurance isn’t worth purchasing. For example, Las Vegas usually offers cheap packages that are priced in this range so if you can’t go its better to accept the loss. Besides getting yourself a good travel insurance you should also try to look for top 10 senior trip ideas so that you can enjoy the best destinations around the world. You can go to these trips with your friends or with your family and enjoy every bit of your trip. Which is also why you should make sure that you get a travel insurance as well.

What exactly does Travel Insurance cover? Cancellations, baggage, and emergencies that require medical attention are the common big threes covered. Policies are different and should be read thoroughly because some things you think are covered aren’t and you don’t want to find out about them when it’s too late. For instance, you may not be covered in the event of a storm or a terrorist act.

What does Travel Insurance cost? It’s pretty expensive, but worth it should you have to use it. Tack on an additional 8 to 4% to the trips total price. Variations include age and the choice of what you’d like covered. Do not get Travel Insurance confused with Travel Assistance. Travel Assistance is a bonus that a few credit card companies offer to customers who use them to pay for their travel expedition. Think of Travel Assistance as just that. If you didn’t make reservations for a hotel then Travel Assistance can help you locate one. If you get hurt then Travel Assistance can direct you to the nearest hospital etc.

Older individuals planning to travel abroad should know that Medicare doesn’t cover medical expenses acquired during the excursion. Individual Health Insurance may not pick up much of the tab when health problems arise overseas or in foreign countries. Travel Insurance then can make up the difference where Individual Health coverage leaves off. A pre-existing medical problem may not be covered under some Travel Insurance Policies. When you consider that in the event of an accident transport by helicopter or ambulance might be used Travel Insurance alone can keep you from going broke. The price for taking a ride in these emergency vehicles is outrageous.