Is this possible? Are there really foods that burn fat? You bet. Scientific studies show that people eating certain fat loss foods lose more weight than those who don’t eat those foods – all other factors being equal.

Know these 3 critical principles for a truly effective diet solution!

Here’s the dish on three popular foods that burn fat:

Skim Milk: A Fat Burning Machine
When the commercials say “milk – it does a body good,” they aren’t kidding. That’s because the calcium in milk contains a proven metabolism booster, making this the most popular of the foods that burn fat. Studies show that calcium causes weight loss. When researchers had two groups of people do everything the same, except that one group received three servings of calcium a day, the results were surprising. The group consuming the extra calcium lost almost three times as much weight as the other group.

Although milk is the most popular source of calcium, look to excellent vegetables like broccoli – packed with disease-fighting antioxidants – as good sources as well. Stay with skim milk if at all possible, but if you absolutely must have some fat, stick with 1% or 2% milk. Whole milk contains extra calories that will likely offset any benefits you might receive from the calcium.

Beans: A Miracle Fat Loss Food
Beans are an excellent source of both protein and carbohydrates and are a popular choice for effective weight loss. Beans challenge your digestive system so it takes your body longer to process them. But that’s a good thing as it keeps your blood sugar stable and you feeling full longer.

The truly big bonus of beans though is that they have lots of fiber content. Eating fiber gives your digestive system a workout, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. It also keeps your blood glucose at normal levels. To receive the greatest benefit, eat plain beans. Refried beans contain fat and sugary baked beans contain needless calories which could undermine your weight loss efforts.

Green Tea: The Zen of Losing Weight
There’s nothing to dislike about this powerful, fat burning brew. Claimed as a dieter’s best friend for years, green tea packs quite a wallop. Its lower caffeine content gently boosts the metabolism while its antioxidants reduce potentially cancerous free radicals in the body. And because it’s a mild diuretic, green tea helps flush out retained fluid.

Best of all, green tea has been shown to burn fat. Researchers discovered that people drinking four to five cups a day lose weight faster than those who don’t drink green tea. Now that’s effective weight loss.

Water: An Honorable Mention
Okay, it doesn’t contain any nutrients, but water needs to be in your list of foods that burn fat. First and foremost, water helps keep your metabolism working at its highest level of efficiency. It also dilutes sodium which reduces bloating, acts as a healing agent, pushes out retained fluids, and helps curb your appetite.

Consider this. Our kidneys, as our primary filtration system, push toxins and waste fluids out of our body. But they need water to function at their best. When they’re deprived of hydration they’re forced to call on the liver for support.

Filtering toxins and waste fluids aren’t the liver’s best talent. Its main job is to store fat into usable energy. But when it’s required to help the kidneys then it’s no longer able to metabolize fat as quickly as it should. So it should be obvious to you now that you need to drink plenty of water on a daily basis in order to keep your metabolism working at optimum levels.

Since you’re interested in losing weight, know that you can create effective weight loss by eating the foods that burn fat. Include 64 ounces of water each day and you’ll be well on your way to losing weight and staying fit.