There are lots of lotions and creams on the market claiming to be the best at removing a tattoo. Some require the use of a small piece of sandpaper to grind off top layers of the skin and down so the product can get deeper into the tattoo and supposedly work better. Others are straight acid that you apply to your skin. All of which are barbaric and extremely painful. Not to mention the unpleasant scar to replace your tattoo.

Trying to figure out which one to use can be about as frustrating as the tattoo you’re trying to remove. Here’s a short list of things to consider that while helping make the best informed decision.

1. Laser removal is the best way to remove your tattoo. Specifically the Medline C6, because of its pulse light, low pain, and low scarring technology. Laser removal can run about $200 per treatment. Multiply that 3 to 5 times and things can get pretty expensive. This leaves the average user searching for an alternative.

2. It’s important to do your homework, as there are numerous products that remove certain colors best. Reds and yellows fade differently than blues and greens.

3. Do not bother to purchase a home tattoo removal kit. These kits are a waste of money and will do nothing but leave you frustrated and with a little less loot in your pocket, tattoo removal Fort Myers gives you the best facility for the removal of tattoo.

4. Don’t trust reviews of products you read on the Internet. Reviews about tattoo removal products found on the Internet are very likely be somebody’s opinion rather than fact. Anyone can review anything on the Internet without a shred of proof to back it up. We don’t know if the review is genuine or not. It pays to do your research.

5. The rumor mill on cheap lotions and creams for tattoo removal is at an all-time high. Just do a search on Yahoo or Google and you’ll find all kinds of products that claim to remove tattoos. There is now even a radio commercial that circulates nationwide claiming to do the same thing. The truth is a tattoo is a tattoo. They’re not meant to come off. So be wise when you choose to put one on. You never know if the day will come when you want it removed.

The best way to make a sound and educated decision regarding tattoo removal is to look at the facts. It’s expensive to get a tattoo and it’s even more expensive to get a tattoo removed. The best method of tattoo removal is laser removal. And the worst method is sandpaper and cream. If it’s important to remove the tattoo, save up your chips and do a little at a time. After all, you’ve probably had your tattoo for years — so it might take years to remove it.