Many of us just love watching movies, to an extent where we end up watching every movie that comes out. Hence, we also love to stay updated with what all movies will be up on the big screen the next Friday or how it is doing, and if its even worth watching. All this information and news along with the latest movies and TV shows are not too hard to find on one platform in this digital world. You can download latest APK files or apps that let you stream movies and also give you’re their ratings. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the best six such apps.


This is most popular platform that most of us have been using to watch TV shows, movies and so much more. It is the perfect platform for any kind of creator in the business. you can find the app to download on all kinds of phones and their app stores. The benefit of streaming on IMDB is that it gives you a lot of information about the movie of whatever you are watching so that you also know what you are watching exactly.

Just Watch

Just watch has a huge database of the perfect movies and the app is totally free to use so there’s not much that it needs from you. Along with having one of the biggest database, the app will also tell you where to watch that particular movie of TV show you are looking for. This way you won’t end up on website links that usually come with viruses. You can move into the right direction with the help of Just Watch.

Beta Series

Beta series is the most giving app you will find which allows you to stream movies and series for free. You search for one thing and it will show you all related series and individual movies to what you have searched so that you can keep a track of that as well. sometimes, you look for a movie and its under soon to be uploaded but you can track that which will let the app tell you when that is available to watch. It is the most convenient application to use ever.


UMAT stands for Universe of movies and TV, and it clearly stands true to its name based on what it does for the users. All genres of movies and TV series are available on the app which is free for all mobile phone users. Along with that, it is also very informative about all the uploads it has, so you can read about what you are watching in advance.


When you look for a movie of TV show in Cineast, it will show you a description and a few trailers of the movie before you jump to actual viewing. This is the best part about the app because you can check what you will be viewing in advance and see if its really worth watching. It also has a database which includes anything and everything literally, from 20th century movies to latest released movies even.


This was earlier known as Bobby HP and a lot of users might know that name already. Now, the app has better features and more movies than it did before. It is known for its fast streaming and high quality videos. Like all the apps we have seen, this is also free to be used by all users of android and iOS both.