Sweeney Todd marks the sixth collaboration between Johnny Depp, and Director Tim Burton. This is also the first musical for either artist, and they decided to tackle one of the darkest musicals around.

Sweeney Todd is the story of Benjamin Barker (Depp) who was sent away to prison on a false charge cooked up by Judge Turpin played devilishly by Alan Rickman. When he returns to London he isn’t the man he used to be, but all he wants is to see his wife, and child.

Benjamin Barker makes his way back to the spot where he used to live with his beautiful wife only to find that a Mrs. Lovett has opened a meat pie-selling store on the first floor, and that the second floor is long empty. Benjamin finds out from Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter) what exactly happened to his wife, and daughter. It seems that Judge Turpin forced himself on his wife, and sometime later she poisoned herself, and now Judge Turpin plans on marrying his daughter against her will.

Soon Barker takes on the name of Sweeney Todd, and he sets out to exact his revenge on all those who had wronged him with the help of Mrs. Lovett who seems to have a deep affliction for Mr. Todd. He opens up his old Barber Shop where he wishes to give some people the closest shave they’ll ever know.

This is a very dark movie, and at its core it’s a horror movie. The imagery is dark, and beautiful all at the same time. There are elements of comedy to lighten up the film between killing sprees, and other dark moments. The musical numbers are small, but grand in their delivery, and the sets are so wonderful, and full of detail.

The acting is terrific with Johnny Depp leading a great cast of actors. Depp shows why he is one of our greatest actors with a great performance. He captures Todd’s hatred for the world that had wronged him, and he sings his heart out when the time comes for him to do so.

Alan Rickman is great as the sleazy Judge Turpin, and the scenes with him, and Depp are awe inspiring to watch with two great actors going at it on screen together.

Rickman has always been a natural in such roles and this, alongwith Severus Snape from Harry Potter, will always live on in the hearts of his innumerable fans and keep his memory alive. You can tune into couchtuner online to watch it in all glory.

Helena Bonham Carter is also terrific here as Mrs. Lovett. She plays off of Depp very well, and her comedic tone is a great foil to play off of Depp’s dark, and brooding character.

Tim Burton serves up some beautiful imagery, as one would expect from a director of his talent. The world he creates is seen through Todd’s eyes, and it’s a dark world full of seedy characters. Tim Burton takes great glee in showing his audience every blood spurt from the victims of Todd’s revenge filled rage, and yet the film remains beautiful even during these scenes of murder.

Overall I loved this movie, and it deserves some awards when the time comes. It’s beautiful, funny, haunting, and just a wonderful cinematic experience.