What is that a wild, adventurous, rebellious and outgoing individual/youngster desire more than anything? An equally adventurous and rebellious trip that is guaranteed to give the necessary thrills and, at times, chilling experiences of the trip in question.

Who does not want to take time out from their busy and hectic schedule of an office life that is often cited as boring and monotonous with physical and mental torture prevalent with short term gains and long term pains.

There’s nothing like a good, long, and adventurous trip to give you not only the thrilling experience and euphoria but also the required and necessary respite from the hustle bustle of daily life in the city that is full of overcrowded people, cars always emitting smoke, traffic, the boss always watchful of the slightest move or mistake in order to deduct your salary on some pretext or the other.

A trip out into the wilds is not something as easy as simply packing your bags, get into the car and speed off to a far away place with a few friends. No, its not that simple. It requires a lot of planning and organizing.

Planning is defined as deciding in advance what to do and how to do it. Before doing something, you will need to formulate an idea of how to perform the particular task in hand. So it also relates to innovative and quick thinking.

Once the planning process is complete, in comes the next step that is organizing, which simply meant to implement the plan into action with carefully planned strategic steps that will lead eventually to success if followed through carefully and flawlessly.

You will also need to decide what would be the destination/final stop of trip or, to put it more simply, which is the place you would want to go to. Naturally, a trip where things like adventure, thrills, challenges and rebellious exercises are the necessary prerequisites, it won’t be some amusement park or museum or a few hours picnic in and around the city.

It will be to a far off hill stations of some of the highest peaks or dense forests out into the wilderness with wild animals and birds or simply into the lap of mother nature with flowers of different colors, trees along with flora and fauna and wherever you turn there is nothing but greenery all around.

However, an adventurous trip is not something that can be taken lightly and casually. You will need to not only be well aware of the dangers and pitfalls involved but also well equipped, both physically and mentally, to tackle with trouble, along with challenges and obstacles, that are sure to come your way and are part and parcel of such trips and outings.

Also to watch out for is the company or motley group of people whom you are going with so that they are of the same mindset as you. Going out for adventurous outings does not mean that you should pride yourself in knowing everything and develop recklessness and over confidence.

There can be nothing more dangerous and fatal than a reckless and overenthusiastic mind out on an adventure that is guaranteed to give you thrills and the chills which are not always welcoming. So you will need to be very careful with who all and what all you are dealing it, not to mention everything that you put into bargain.

Just make sure that you don’t go biting off more than you can chew in these situations as not everyone survive through the ordeals of such trips and live to tell the tale.

So, the question that pops up is what all things would you be needing for this adventure and thrill inducing excursion? What is it that is the most essential commodity that you would need to take along with you? One that can guarantee your well being and make you return safe and sound?

What you need is something called the survival gear? Ever heard of such a term? Its nothing new for regular travelers and adventurers but for first timers it’s a topic of extreme importance and significance.

While its ok that they will be traveling with the experienced lot from the old school of traveling and adventuring, they will still need to make certain preparations of their own in this regard and should not always and entirely rely on others.

Fortunately for them, with the advent of social media and the internet being transferred from your desktop computer to your mobile smart phones, their jobs have been made much easier than they were before.

Now they can research, study and know everything with a simple click and tapping of their fingers, thanks to google with other social networking sites such as facebook, twitter and instagram providing additional help.

What is a survival gear, basically? In simple words, it is a gear or a kind of tool kit that contains different equipments of tools and supplies that are generally used during emergencies and dangerous, life threatening situations.

The survival gear is nothing short of a god gifted boon to the travelers and adventurers, with the new lot also now joining them, that will act as their tourist guide and their eventual saviors in the all likelihood or say inevitability of any danger or challenge lying in wait on tenterhooks in the form of natural calamities and wild animals in search of their prey.

It is also interesting to note that it is used by the army standing at the frontier and border of different states of their respective countries, protecting its civilians from external invasion of the terrorists and other dangerous elements from enemy countries.

For aircraft and the merchant navy, along with other military personnel who are protecting their country through the skies and seas, the survival gear is a must for them to keep, as they play no less important a role as the weapons, shields and helmets that they adorn.

In order to look for the best survival gear available in the market, there is an important site called prepper readiness that will give you the best of the best in this regard along with all the necessary information on how to handle this kit or gear in safe and risk free methods.

Finally, there comes the question of how to organize and handle the survival gear in order to make a quick escape in times of dangers and emergencies. The answer is very simple. The most important point here is not to panic.

You will need to keep a cool head and a keen presence of mind while organizing your escape from potential disaster, be it natural or from wild animals.

Another important point is that put the safety of your near and dear ones first. Once they are out of harm’s way, you can do the same for yourself.

Disasters are come the most unexpected time and the most unexpected of all places so make all your preparations beforehand for which you will need to have a shrewd foresight.

Here are some important points to look into:

  • Supply of food: It should be a little more than adequate and required quantity and should only be kept in plastic containers and vessels. This will help them survive bacteria, germs and moisture prevalent in the atmosphere and the surroundings and avoid decay.
  • Mark and label: The next important point is to mark and label all the bottles, vessels and containers with names and dates of the respective items, its manufacturing and expiry date.
  • Have access and store at different places and multiple locations: Be fully prepared for any kind of calamity or disaster in a secure, secluded place and room of the place where you are staying and also at different places such as drawing room table, cupboards, basement, bathroom, attic and under the loose floor board.