Android is the most popular operating system in mobile and portable devices around the world. Android OS can now be found in phones, wearable devices, hybrid gadgets, etc. Reports say that this OS can also be found in cars and other private vehicles in a few years down the line. If you want to run the Android framework in your Windows PC, then you’ll be surprised to know that it is actually possible. All those of you who want to run Android apps on PC, you will need to use the Bluestacks application. In today’s blog we will present a step-by-step guide on how you can run Android apps on your computer.

Steps You Should Follow To Run Bluestacks

Here are the different steps that you will need to follow to run the Bluestack application in PC – 

  • Visit the official Bluestacks website and download the app from the same site. Just click on the download button and you will be asked to select your OS – Windows or Mac. Choose Windows.
  • Now, once you have downloaded the file, open the Bluestacks setup file and then follow the instructions that are going to appear on the screen. The instructions are actually really simple, just pay attention.
  • Once the app is installed, run Bluestacks and you will come across a notification which tells you to choose the graphics driver to be updated. It is an optional step. After you have done it, you will see that the Bluestacks app starts by itself.
  • You will now see a window in which the Android Firmware is running. There will be a search icon on the windows page and then type the name of the app that you want to install. Get it from the Google Play store in Bluestacks.
  • Log into a Google account in order to download and use the apps without any hassles. Make sure that you use a single account to sync into all of your apps. You can download WhatsApp and other Android oriented apps without worries. Installing apps in the Bluestacks is simple and only by using the search button you will be able to add the apps to your android homescreen effortlessly.

So, these are the steps that you will need to follow in order to use Android platform on a Windows PC. Make sure to check out all the steps that we have mentioned and follow these carefully without missing out on any of them. Once installed, the Bluestacks app will deliver a complete Android device experience to you.

More About Bluestacks Android Emulator

Bluestacks is one of the most popular and useful Android Emulator that is present in the market. It has over a million users and is surely the one you need to check out whenever you want to experience Android experience in your PC. It supports mouse and keyboard controls and supports almost all Android games and apps.

Bluestacks is not a free app, but you will need to pay around $2 every month for using the app. Or you can carry forward with the free version but see sponsored ads every day. Considering the amount that have been asked, it is affordable. So, for a smoother and ad-free experience, just purchase the premium version and enjoy!