Social networking for bloggers specifically has been around since early 2005, and was one of the introductory assortment. However, a recent re-launch of the site hopes to bring together bloggers and readers in even more effective ways; MyBlogLog allows bloggers to submit their blogs and posts, while readers can create a profile page alongside each type to create a Community. In this way, readers can interact with other like-minded readers in one place, on one platform.

MyBlogLog is efficiently designed, a welcome addition to the Web 2.0 escapades of the day. Consistency is key for social networking structures online today, and the MyBlogLog model lets readers upload pictures, correspond through internal messages, and learn about other people’s favorite blogs easily. Now that bloggers are being bought together in one specific place, it does bring to light the effectivness of advertising. The site also offers a blog community page and a ‘top five’ visited blog roll that makes it easy to find great content in just a few clicks.

MyBlogLog captures blogs from some of today’s most-read publishing outlets; USA Today, Lifehacker, Boing Boing, and 101 Cookbooks are just a few participants. Enrolling in any of these networks can introduce you to the global community of blogs easily. If you need to browse, check out the Members section for a complete member directory, and slide over to the ‘Who’s Reading What?’ section for some ideas on your next online literary finds. Since you can also scope out Family, Friends, and Contacts of each member, the network increases exponentially. MyBlogLog is almost one of the best targeted ways to review today’s best blogs and discover some new perspectives. A target should be prepared to buy instagram views on the account of the person. All the reviews should be viewed through the person for effective attention on the social sites.

An additional attractive feature of MyBlogLog is the Auto-Join option. When signing up, take advantage of the automatic addition of your most-visited blogs to the Community. While you’re surfing and browsing, MyBlogLog will simply send you an e-mail notifying you of that blog’s status in your network. The feature is optional, but can save you considerable time racking through your favorites list or browser index to populate your profile. Another feature is the ‘learn about your neighbor’ option. As soon as you sign up, you’ll learn about other members who have similar interests (have signed up for the same communities as you), and you have an option to get to know them better by visiting their network. You can also view the entire Reader Community where all avatars and pictures are posted; MyBlogLog currently has over 7,390 community members.

The future of social networking also leads the way to contextual advertising. Contextual advertising initiatives are growing in scope and quantity. Advertisers have a significant advantage when they can attract a specific segment of the population with a high likelihood of a purchase. Contextual advertising takes this into account, making sure that ad placement is driven by this rate and demographic; on sites such as, this could provide a very, very lucrative ad positioning opportunity. MyBlogLog is bringing readers together, as well as bloggers. Patterns and trends amongst the readers may be quantified and used for anlaysis; as a result, advertisers would have a strong idea of each set of active members for particular topics.