Not many fans of the Sims 3 were expecting to ever see a stuff pack on shelves. With the Sims 3 store, there honestly was never a need for such a pack, especially considering that EA could have just offered the set on the Sims 3 website/store.

Low and behold though the very first Sims 3 stuff pack hit shelves 2 days ago. I guess fans who don’t own an internet connection were complaining about not being able to get access to content that those who did have an internet connection could. This is an issue that there since the launch of the game. The online version offers quite a new and versatile features that are not there when you are playing the game in offline mode. This is why you should consider using sims4mobi – use x4 as you try the game in offline mode.

I followed the news on the stuff pack, and took a look at a few of the photos that EA included on their site. I must say I liked what I saw.

This High End Loft Stuff pack comes packed full of high end objects for your Sims homes. Everything that came with the base game was pretty basic. Without downloading content from the site, or other Sims 3 fan sites, you were left with basic objects for the home, which were not too snazzy. The Sims 3, High End Loft Stuff Pack adds a modern twist to your Sims home with sleek, high end, tech-inspired objects.

If you’re a fan of the Sims 3, than likely you already ran out to buy it. I know I did. After downloading the content into my game though, I asked myself, was this Stuff pack worth the $20.00 I just shelled out?

For those who have yet to purchase this stuff pack, I’ll answer that question.

As far as electronics go, you get a small selection of items such as new gaming consoles, a computer, and a slick and stylish phone. The downside is that all of the items are already found in the game. Basically there are no newbie electronics, just simple improvements over the ones you already have. Granted it is nice to have a new computer in the game, it’s really not all too necessary.

Home decorations have a small selection of new items, but nothing truly sticks out all too much.

The newest items added that I enjoy the most is the bathroom set. You will notice a new shower, a sink, and a toilet bowl. The items are updated to look modern and each piece is recolor-able.

The most exciting items that EA bragged about the most were the retro items brought into the game that players saw in the original game. The vibrating bed is back…but the most disappointing thing about this was how EA advertised it as the vibrating bed. Well folks, the bed does not vibrate. It’s just your standard tacky bed, with a heart shaped back panel. Due to the fact that the game lacks a heart theme, the bed does not, and will not go with anything else unless you download custom content online.

The next thing included in High End Loft Stuff is a new modern bed with blue lights around it. The bed goes with a set of blue light items which are really neat and look pretty sweet in the game. You will note the new desk, end tables, and a few Knick knacks that will add a really modern and cool option to add to your Sims homes, that all match with this collection.

What I think many of you will really love are the newly added lights. They are made to match the blue glowing bed, but the lights actually give off a really neat blue glow instead of the usual light colors that you get from the games base lights.

The very best addition however is by far the large fish tank. The base game only came with a small fish bowl and it was pretty stupid and not many people used it. The addition of the large fish tank is neat because it looks fantastic in the game, but it also allows your Sims to add the fish that they catch to the tank.


So breaking it all down, the Sims 3: High End Loft Stuff, in my opinion is worth the price tag. I like the modern collection that comes with the pack, and even though I would have loved to see more added, I feel that this pack was worth the money. You have a large enough selection to make you, and your Sims happy.