There are many great games for a player to practice their sharp shooting skills, and some of the best shooting games to play for free are fantastic for skill building. Here are a few a person might like to try and some tips on what makes them so great.

1. High Noon Shootout

One of the classic, cowboy type shooting games to play for free is High Noon Shootout. In this game a player can choose between several different characters and have a shootout in the middle of an old time western road. There are also options for salon type shoot em ups and chances to win prizes according to high score. Have fun and try it out, link it up to facebook and let friends see how well they do at the challenge.

2. Shoot

Trying a great game that is tailored after the fashion of the matrix can be a fantastic way to ease stress when choosing which shooting games to play for free. This is a fast game with good, not necessarily great graphics. It’s free of adware and spyware. Includes a tool bar, can be shared through facebook and is easy to remove from a person’s computer.

3. Call of Bieber

What about shooting games to play for free that include celebrities? Try Call Of Bieber. Here a player can have fun and good hair, playing a renegade working to escape the police. Keep the gun reloaded and work hard to stay out of the line of fire. There is a great little picture at the bottom right hand corner that shows the damage Bieber is taking by the marks on his face.

4. Palisade Guardian 2

Palisade Guardian 2 is one of the best shooting games to play for free. This nifty game is good for working on sharpshooting skills. The player has a chance to set to the side and defend a wall. Kill all the enemy soldiers before they have a chance to take the wall down. There are levels to work through, money to be able to accrue and then be used to purchase better weapons.

5. Weapon

Weapon is one of the most fabulous shooting games to play for free online. There is nothing to download, no little executable files to deal with, it’s a simple click and go. In this game the player starts out with a military issue handgun defending the site of a helicopter crash. The quality of some shooting games to play for free can be lacking in the are of graphics, and actual execution of play.

So have a little fun taking a rainy afternoon and try out one or all of these fantastic shooting games to play for free.

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