Every women needs to own several pairs of shoes. After all, your tennis shoes or your old heels just don’t go with everything in your closet. I have chosen seven styles of shoes that are a must for every shoe collection. I have also included some advice on how and when to wear them all. Besides all this there is one thing that every buyer should consider as they buy any pair of shoe. They should properly look at shoe insoles as they are an important and vital role as we wear shoes for long periods of time.

Grab this guide the next time you go shoe shopping to ensure that your purchases are for the best.

Ballet Flat- These wonderful shoes are so comfortable that you hardly realize you are wearing shoes. I love them and personally own two pair. I have one in black velvet with silver studs and one in red patent crocodile print. Choose these in any style that matches your wardrobe and personality. I recommend having a few pair that will take you through the year and go just about anywhere with you.

Espadrilles- These comfortable sandal type shoes can be found in a variety of colors and designs and will take you through spring, summer and fall. Choose a few different styles and colors to match different occasions. For example, get a pair that match your bathing suit for the beach, a pair that match your favorite office outfit, and a pair of embellished sexy espadrilles for evening wear.

Knee Boots- Boots that fall just above or just below the knee are great for fall and winter. They will help protect your feet and legs and match beautifully with a variety of coats and jackets. While they look great with pants, try wearing knee boots with skirts and dresses for an edgier look.

Mary Jane’s- The Mary Jane shoe is the ultimate feminine pick. I recommend having a few pairs, flat and heeled as well as a couple of neutral colored pairs and a bright colored pair for a full blown office shoe inventory.

Moccasins- The most comfortable shoe around, hands down. These are great for a casual get together or and outdoor adventure. Try to find a pair of moccasin boots to add a bit of flair in your wardrobe.

Sandals- Have as many pairs as you can justify. Sandals are great three seasons of the year and can be found in any style for any occasion imaginable. Go wild girls.

Stilettos- This is another pair of shoes to wild on. Having as many pairs as possible seems to be a contest among some circles of women. It is like stilettos have become a collector’s item. I must confess that I own several pairs in a wide range of colors and styles.

Classic Pumps- The best office shoe there is, but also a great casual shoe as well. I recommend having a few pairs to take you through life. A black pair of pumps is always a classic choice, but also choose pumps with a print or that are brightly colored to match other parts of your wardrobe. Neutral and animal print pumps are becoming a classic choice as well. Try having some of these options in a platform shoe to shake things up a bit.

Tennis Shoes- Seriously, never wear these in public. But you should have a pair for cleaning the house in as well as doing any working out in to help keep our bodies in shape and free of injuries.