Ever wondered what happens to old shipping container after they don’t meet standards required for ocean travel, they get sold. Some as cheap as $1,000 or less. Just think about it, a square structure made of solid steel ready to start a second life in another form.

What better starting point then to have a basic shell that is solid, strong and able to be molded into what ever form you have the talents to pursue. Stackable for expanding the concept to what ever degree is desired. With basic building and welding skills, the average do it yourself enthusiast can take this solid foundation and create a building that will suit what ever need he may have.

With housing prices having skyrocketed in recent years, the inflated cost of housing has far outpaced the stagnant wages of many in this country. There is a serious need for low cost housing. Not to say a small house built from a shipping container can’t be made to be attractive, but at some point functionality becomes a criteria of higher priority them following the same old methods of home construction.

Why a do it yourself approach? There are a number of companies converting shipping containers for industrial use. Everything from portable housing units, shower facilities, or office space. Some are also constructing modular units that are erected together to create unique housing opportunities. The one common element is they all are high priced units. With high prices you remove the ability to address the huge and growing needs of the people that are considered at, or near poverty level, or victims of natural disasters. That said, it is very crucial to follow all the necessary precautions and consider all the relevant factors when transforming shipping container into a livable house. The little container dwelling of yours must meet all local building codes. After all, your safety and protection are the priorities that must be considered above all.

This web site, Cargo Container Structures will give you some ideas of the elaborate structures that are being built from cargo containers. Showing the flexibility, and commercial soundness of this type of building. More in line with the ideas of this article, is a back woods cabin created from two shipping container. The progress of this project can be found at Rain Forest Cabin .

With a goal of livable space, with all the necessities required for long term comfort for two people. All being set up within the confines of a 320 sq ft space. Admittedly small and compact, but as many studio apartments are of similar sized space, an acceptable situation none the less.

Built with the bathroom located on one end, allowing the kitchen, and all plumbing to be located in the same corner of the container. Condensed, simple construction is best. Leaving as much room as possible for living space. Murphy style beds, easy to pull down to accommodate sleeping, but allowing open space during the day.

This straight forward design lends itself well to single unit applications, allowing external decks, and canopies to open out the living space to include an outdoor terrace. This would relieve any feelings of closeness the small space might bring into the picture.

By building units in a standard configuration, they could be stacked. An example would be two stacks three high with external stairways providing access to each unit. In a very small space you would have six units, and housing for twelve people. With all utilities coming to the same corner, allowing quick installation, and easy service down the road.

This level of adaptability is seldom found in any other building shell. You can take this concept in so many ways, whether commercial or residential.

If you feel confident you have the talent to do a mid-range remodeling job on an older wooden structure, you can easily meet the requirements to complete a Cargo Container Conversion.