Debt Settlement USA is a Debt Settlement Solution Company that has recently achieved a milestone of resolving more than $1 billion of debt for its customers. They offer ‘Debt Settlement’, ‘Debt Counselling’, ‘Debt Relief’ and ‘Debt Consolidation’ services.

Debt Settlement USA Services:

  • They have a highly qualified staff which can help you in reducing the amount of debt that you owe.
  • They have a monthly payment system, which is simple and specifically planned to meet the expectations of the customers to lessen their monetary burdens.
  • Their program can help in resolving the total amount of your debt, in approximately 24 to 48 months.

The First Step made Easy by Debt Settlement USA:

Many Debt Settlement Agencies charge a lot at the beginning of the program or for the initial meetings. The first step towards anything is the hardest. Debt Settlement USA makes the decision-making period for the customers easy. They provide a free debt evaluation on their website and also provide Debt Counselling through a ‘Free 10 Minute’ phone call.

They also do not charge an upfront fee, in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission rules. They take their fee when the debt amount is resolved.

Debt Settlement USA offers Debt Negotiation Service:

Debt negotiation is a way through which, the Debt Settlement companies, get the total amount of their client’s debt reduced. They try their best, to get the amount lowered to such numbers that are affordable for their customers to pay back.

They negotiate with thousands of creditors daily and have developed a reputation with them. They negotiate the debt on your behalf and help decrease the amount of your debt.

Salient Features:

  • The company can be contacted through email or call at the numbers provided on the website.
  • The website of the Debt Settlement USA provides complete and illustrated information about the company. A complete portfolio of the company is available on the website for reference.
  • Through the website, your Debt can be evaluated for free. A debt calculator has also been given on the website for the customers to self evaluate their financial conditions.

How do they work?

Debt Settlement USA is a highly renowned debt settlement agency which has a highly qualified and efficient staff. They have a vast experience in debt resolutions.

  1. The customer first contacts the company via phone or emailing Debt Settlement USA at the phone numbers/email addresses mentioned on the website. Clients can also have a face to face meeting, by visiting the nearest Debt Settlement USA office.
  2. The client gives complete information about the debt and creditors to the Debt Settlement USA consultants.
  3. The information is then processed by specialist debt consultants and then forwarded to the Negotiators of the company for action.
  4. The negotiators then, contact the creditors of the client, on their behalf and use their skills to get the debt amount and the interest reduced.
  5. After the negotiation, Debt Settlement USA makes an easy and simple monthly payment plan. The plan is made to suit the financial condition of the clients, and in such a way that the debt is resolved in the minimum possible time frame.
  6. Transparency is ensured via, personal credit statements that are issued to the clients, after each payment, they make.

Debt Settlement USA, promises to resolve the debt of their customers in record time. They provide unmatches services at low cost and do not charge an upfront fee as well. They have dealt with thousands of customers, who are satisfied with the services, the company offers.

Contact Debt Settlement USA:
Phone: 1-888-444-4550