Every woman loves to go to the salon and have her hair professionally dyed and styled. Not every woman however, has the budget to spend $100 or more ever time she wants to change her style. If you are looking for a sexy new style that wont break the bank you may want to consider doing it yourself at home. It’s easy, efficient and it will save you a ton of money that you could be spending on other things. There are a lot of horror stories surrounding this issue but fear not! As long as you remember a few salon tips for successful at-home hair coloring.

Choosing Your Product

The first thing to remember when you make the decision to dye your own hair is to choose the right product. Most women will undoubtedly purchase their dye from a drugstore. This is a convenient option but it may not be your best alternative. Typical hair dye kits contain chemicals that can do a lot of damage to your hair while they color and can leave your luscious locks looking a little lackluster. It may take a little extra time but you may want to consider making your product purchase at your local beauty supply store. This will give you the most color options and you have the benefit of using a professional dye which will save you a lot of unnecessary damage to your hair. You also have to remember that some hair treatments products may not be applicable for you. That is why it is very important to carefully conduct research and consult to experts when necessary.


Choosing Your Color

The second tip for a great hair dying experience is know how to pick the right shade for your complexion. For a natural look, try to pick a shade that isn’t too far in either direction from your natural hair color. This will add vibrancy without making you look dramatically different. Also, take time to consider your skin tone. If you want a great new look for winter and you normally sport dark hair with blonde highlights you may want to try going a sultry red. Your complexion will naturally pale during the winter and the warm red will keep you from looking washed out.


The last pointer for getting an amazing color at home is to remember the aftercare. No matter what type of dye you use they are bound to damage your hair to an extent. Most at home kits will contain a super concentrated conditioner that contains some great moisturizing agents and combines them with vitamin and mineral oils to help put some of the life back into your hair after dyeing it. Skipping this step can leave you with stripped, broken and fried locks so even if you have to purchase the special conditioner separately at the beauty store, do it. It will save you some trouble in the long run. Also, in the future it may be wise to use a color guard style of shampoo and conditioner to keep your hair healthy and your color vibrant.

Getting a new look for yourself can be fun and invigorating but it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If you remember to follow directions, choose the best product and try your best to minimize unneeded damage, you will surely have an excellent result that will last you for months to come.