For months I lusted after Tylie Malibu Handbags – They were beautifully handcrafted in rich suede colors and caught your eye with sparkling shoulder straps. Retailing at Nordstrom’s for about $295, I wasn’t sure my meager checkbook could afford such a love. And even if it could, would this bag withstand months of abuse from a busy college student? Eventually, its beauty consumed me, and I bought a black suede Tylie Malibu Suede Utility bag. That’s what credit cards are for, right? Although there are times when you can not even use your credit card like this, this is where you have the option of buying affordable replicas of these expensive utility bags. As you check luxurytastic replicas reviews blog you will find about the quality of these and how easy it is for you to get a bag that you like. 

Tylie Malibu boasts that all of their bags are handcrafted and made with the finest materials available. My bag is thick dyed black suede, double-stitched along the seams. The suede isn’t the cheap variety used on shoes – it is very thick and velvety, but strong enough to endure the weight and resist stains.

The jeweled strap lends a funky and dressy vibe to this bag and makes it a fun choice for lugging around campus. All of the Swarovski crystals are embedded by polished steel studs. When glimmering in the sunlight, this strap makes a beautiful spray of rainbow lights. In addition to the crystals, polished round studs form a triple diamond pattern across a thick pebbled leather strap. This purse is not lacking in hardware, as the leather strap is held up by two steel hooks attached to the suede body. A silver lobster clip keeps the top of the purse open or closed. While the bag feels richly delicate, is it strong, and made to withhold heavy loads.

I am very happy with my purchase of this bag. In addition to its supreme good looks, the bag itself is fully functional and offers several inner and outer pockets to stash cell phones, lip glosses, and other accessories. For true purse lovers, this bag comes with a stitched cell phone pocket inside the bag, and the inside is lined with material touting Tylie’s Logo – “Once Bitten, Forever Smitten.”

For the fashionistas out there, this bag is available in 20 colors and is even customizable at select boutiques. I have seen women with their names spelled out in studs on the strap, or custom chosen crystal colors. This bag is hugely popular in Los Angeles and Orange County and can be seen on the arms of actresses all over television. Tylie Malibu bags get a lot of air time on the show “The Real House Wives of Orange County” and were featured on the show “The OC” with Mischa Barton.

For people debating the purchase of this purse, go for it. Besides the numerous compliments, you will receive on your beautiful bag, it will endure getting banged up and being flung around. The nature of suede also makes it so that the more abuse it takes, the softer and more pebbly it gets. This adds to the distressed, funky and unique look. For the caretaking of your bag, be sure to purchase a small suede brush. Brush it periodically to remove stains and keep the suede nicely textured.

I have found the purse of my dreams – and most women know that’s a hard thing to do. Tylie Malibu’s logo seems right on – “Once bitten, forever smitten” – indeed.