Everyone is familiar with the fact that the real estate market is highly versatile. This is why most of us are confused about whether we should buy a property or rent it. In this article, we will go through the basic difference between renting a property and owning it along with the reason why most people prefer renting a property rather than buying it. There are various advantages that you get as you buy any property although as you rent a property you get much more flexibility as well. These two options that you have comes with different possibilities which is why it is really important that you choose carefully what you need and what are your requirements. 

As you own a property there are several benefits such as you get a sense of stability along with the pride of ownership. Owning a house is perfect for people that are comfortable with a settled life as they have a stable job and can live in the house for long periods of time. There are several credible options in the market such as Sims Villa that offers premium condos and apartments for people that are interested in buying a property. You can visit  Sims Villa showflat to get a look at your favorite unit that you are interested in. 

This is why people that travel frequently and are restless should always rent a property instead of buying it. Moreover, real estate is also considered an illiquid asset as you would not be able to sell your property any time you want. The conditions of the market will determine this which makes it really tricky as an asset. However, people that are looking for an investment option buying a property is an excellent option.
Besides all this, here are some of the expenses that you will be dealing with as you buy a property. 

  • Water and sanitation services
  • Pest control
  • House tax 
  • Several other basic amenities
  • You have to pay for insurance as well 

Renting, on the other hand, comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. People that rent a property can easily move out and relocate as soon as their lease ends. However, there are several downsides to this as well. It might get difficult for the tenant if the landlord increases the rent that if not affordable or the landowner decide to renovate or reconstruct their apartment. Under such situations, any tenant will face loads of problems. Moreover, renting a property does not any value to your assets.

As you rent a property it is easy for you to calculate your monthly expenses as you know how much you have to pay for your rent and other expenses. On the other hand, there are expenses that you can not account for as you own a property. You might be paying for unexpected repairs and renovations beside your mortgage which significantly affects your savings and income. 

Consider all this here are the reason why all the rich people prefer renting a home rather than buying it. 

  • Since the real estate market is highly volatile there are chances that the market might crash in the future that will dramatically affect the cost of the apartments. With a constant rise in inflation and stagnant income source, people are trying to get their hands on properties as much as they can. Moreover, all financial institutions are starting to sell mortgages that are bundled into funds and securities. 
  • Secondly, since the interest rates are quite low these days more and more people are interested in buying properties. This is a tricky situation as in the future those interest rates might increase that will lower the value of the properties and the market might go down. This will significantly affect the people that will try to sell their properties. 
  • Since owning a house is a huge investment which is why it is really important that you only buy a house when you are financially capable of doing so. Moreover, getting a loan to buy a property is not a good idea as unless you pay your debt the bank is the legal owner of the house and you might even lose your money if you are unable to pay your debt. 
  • Unpredictable expenses are really common with house owners. This also affects the overall cost of maintenance of the house for the owner. But as you rent a property you can avoid such expenses as you just have to pay the rent while landlord is responsible for all the renovations and repairs. 

  • Lastly, there are several other investment options that are much better and fruitful that invest in real estate. This is why people that are not interested in real estate always invest their money somewhere else. 

In conclusion, the option that you go for should reflect your lifestyle and your future aspirations. You should always consider the different factors that are there before you choose any of the two options. There are several pros and cons in both the situations which is why it is really important that you look at your lifestyle and the different situations that you might have to face as you buy or rent a property.