While enjoying your CBD steam oil you may find something suddenly that it turns brown or black. Although this change can cause a bit of a shock, there is no reason to worry. In reality it is quite normal and natural to adjust this color.

So take a moment to consider why your CBD vapor oil turns dark brown or black first, before you throw away your Vape oils and cartridges due to excessive panic!

Why CBD Vape Oil Gets Dark Brown Color?

CBD Vape oils contain no preservatives or additives, as well as are rich in bioactive substances that might change with time. Such color changes do not necessarily mean your steam oil cartridge is harmful. All that happened is the outcome of natural elements response due to the age, the heat and light.

You’ll be exposed to heat and oxygen every time you use your CBD Vape oil. It activates the oxidation process which changes the colors of the oil. You need to understand that, the older the CBD vapor oil, the greater the chance of oxidation.

Also, turning dark brown or black CBD Vape oil does not mean it is gone bad, but it can serve as a reminder that the Vape oil is treated properly and used in a reasonable time. Try to use it within 6 months of purchase if you do not wish to witness the change in color.

Tips to Maintain CBD Oil

Place your CBD oil in a cool, dry, and dark place along with your CBD vapor oil cartridges and pads. When you leave your CBD vapor oil in the sun or heat, oxidation accelerates and the oil color changes more quickly. It will help maintain the quality of your CBD oil for a long time by storing it in a cool, dark place.

Oxidation is more likely to occur with CBD Vape oil products that contain hemp oil as a carrier fluid. This is based only on the fact that hemp oil has more oxidation-prone fatty acids that are unsaturated.

While oxidation cannot all be prevented, here are some things you can do to ensure your CBD Vape oil lasts long without changing its color.

First of all, purchase quality CBD Vape oil. High-quality steam oil CBD cartridges and pods are free of preservatives and addictives. Try to get the Vape from a reputed shop so that you do not get cheated with poor quality products.

Please look for a straightforward brand to post analytical certificates, so that you know what your CBD Vape oil contains precisely. If you buy quality steam oil that contains the fewest possible ingredients, easy degradation can be avoided with time and repeated use. In other words, the stronger the CBD steam oil, the longer it should last, obviously. Just try not to leave your CBD steam oil sitting for more than 6 months, as mentioned before. It is doubtful that the natural compounds will last too long, and you will get less heavy vapor oil.

Don’t worry and don’t throw away your CBD Vape oil when it begins to turn dark brown or black. This probably began the oxidation process and is still can be used. It really isn’t while it may look troubling. You really have nothing to think about when you purchase a quality product.