Even though a lot of easy-to-use image editing programs are now available online, we still say that Photoshop remains to be the best. There are so many things you can do with Photoshop that online image editing programs cannot offer. But Photoshop is also a software that is quite technical. By that, we mean in order for you to unleash Photoshop’s profound features, you need to develop your photo editing skills. Honestly, with all the video content that it is in our disposal online, learning how to use Photoshop is possible for anyone. But it can also take a lot of time. Usually, when working with images, you are required to work with pace and precision. Most of the time, those two elements don’t work well together. So, in this article, we are going to give you a few pointers on how to speed up your Photoshop tasks without having to compromise quality. 

Use Smart Objects

If you have ever tried resizing images, you might have noticed that the quality is altered as you do so. No matter what you do, your image just isn’t the same as it originally was. This is because as you stretch an image, the pixels will be widened as well. 

One way to fix this problem would be to turn a regular image into a smart object. By doing so, Photoshop will protect its pixels so that the quality of the image will not diminish as you try to resize it. 

Quickly Magnify Or Minimize The Size Of Your Brush

Sometimes what takes up a lot of your time in photo editing is having to swift through various menus to look for certain functions like making the brush bigger or smaller. Meanwhile, using the regular size of your brush will also double the amount of time you’ll need to color or paint a certain area of your image. To quick change the size of your brush simply click the [ and] buttons on the keyword. The [ button is for minimizing the brush whereas the ] button is for magnifying the brush. 

Stock Up On Shapes, Patterns, And Brushes

It’s true that Photoshop stores a lot of supply for the artist to choose from. However, the more designs and artwork you do, you’ll start to realize that Photoshop’s collections aren’t enough for you to artistically create a masterpiece. 

Every once in a while, you are going to need patterns, brushes, or even shapes that aren’t readily available on your Photoshop software. 

Don’t attempt to download as you go since this is going to take you a lot of time to do. Just looking for a website that offers high-quality materials is time-consuming as it is. But then after you find good websites, you still need to categorize which styles and designs you want to add to your collection. 

Due to the unpredictability of design elements, it is most recommended that you take a day off where you do nothing but stock up on the elements you need. By doing so, you’ll have your supply saved on your computer. By the time, you do need it, you can just immediately take the file to your Photoshop software.

Organize Your Layers

A lot of times, we become so excited to finish a design or graphic image that we neglect having to name and organize our layers. 

If you are only doing a simple edit or design, organizing your layers may seem to be irrelevant but it is still a habit that all artists need to practice. Why? Because when there comes a time when you need to make several edits, it will help you maneuver through your raw file if the layers are already organized. Sifting through unnamed layers will only increase the time it will take to finish the project. And if you find yourself to be unlucky, you might even be forced to create the project all over again if you really can’t work with the layers. 

When working with big applications like Photoshop, it is important to know how to work in the smartest way possible. Technical apps usually require the user to invest a lot of time but that doesn’t mean that you can swift the process one tiny step at a time. We can’t wait for you to try and apply these tricks. Go ahead now and download photoshop for mac.