Condominiums are one of the most popular category of housing where you can stay without having to spend a fortune. If you are looking for a brand new condo, then there are amazing condos which are available around you. With the rise in the popularity of condominiums, there are several condos that are being built in many parts of the country. For those of you who want to stay in a luxury and worth the money, Parc Esta is an amazing new launch in 2020 that you can take a look at. It is one of the best and most popular condos in the city of Singapore and that is why we believe you can get yourself an unit there. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about this particular condominium and show you whether it is a good idea to invest in it or not.

Parc Esta Condo Overview

If you are currently living in the east side of the city and often drive around it, you already know that there are three important ways to go there. You can opt for the East Coast Parkway, the Pan Island Expressway or also choose to go by the Changi Road into the Geylang Road. Even though the last option is primarily not the quickest, you can at least enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape and experience a wonderful road trip within the proximity of the city. In place of the concrete HUDC, you are going to look at nine blocks of glass and steel set that are situated amidst lush greenery. All the condo units are designed and constructed according to the brand new and modern design and construction techniques. They are equipped with good and working appliances of other sorts.

Incredible City Views at Parc Esta Condo

The total land size of the Parc Esta condo is about 376,716,32 sqft and is the home to more than 1399 residential condo units. The massive land has also been coupled with 2.8 plot ratio that allows the condo to be one of the tallest buildings that is available in the area. The neighborhood of the condo is comprised of low rise commercial buildings and other residential homes. It is less crowded, yet all the necessary amenities are available in the vicinity of it. The incredible Views From The condominium will always allow you to experience fresh get away from the the hustle of city and urban lifestyle.

Location Of Parc Esta Condo

Rather than having incredible views of word and greenery and peace all around the property, the Parc Esta condo is also situated at a fantastic location that allows you to access different parts of the city. The Eunos MRT station is also situated close by, somewhere near the line between the Changi Airport and the Raffles Place station. It takes less than 20 mins to reach the Parc Esta Condo from the Raffles place. The private property of the condo is lumped within a single area of the compound, which makes it easily accessible and easy to use all the time. There are 3 different sectors – Grand Parc, West Parc and East Parc. All the roads are easily accessible and makes way for good transport.

What We Think of It?

The Parc Esta condo is a really solid investment that you can make. The condo is situated at one of the most prime locations in the city and that makes it really attractive and easy to travel to. The condo units are well designed and have been equipped with all the modern amenities that allow you to lead a better and more efficient lifestyle without any hassles. The verdant property is the right place to enjoy and relax without any hassles. The property is huge and will consistently allow you to experience a break from have busy and polluted urban and city life. At an affordable price, if you are planning to shift to a more cleaner, easily accessible and more efficient place for accommodation, the Parc Esta condo is one of the best in the market.

Final Words – Singapore is one of the most developed and progressing cities in the world. People are always looking for better means of living in this city and that is why Parc Esta Condo is one of the most in demand and popular condominium that is available in this city. Condo units have a lot better returns nowadays and that is why it is a good idea to invest in these category of housing instead of buying a full sized apartment or house, which becomes a burden on your expenses. But that is not the case with the different condominiums in 2020.