Are you looking for some new technology devices for yourself? Or are you looking for a present for that hard to get person? If you said yes to either question you may be interested in some of these hot new devices. Some of these new devices can be ordered online and others can be found at your local store. No matter where you buy them, they are sure to be a hit for the techno lover in us all. There are some cool tech gadgets 2019 that all the gadget lovers can check out. You get the latest updates about all the technological developments and inventions that are happening across the globe.

Tired of the weatherperson getting the weather wrong? The professional Weather Station is never wrong. It will tell you the current temperature, (indoor and outdoor); humidity, wind speed and what time the sun will set and rise. If that isn’t enough, it will give you a daily forecast and advise you on how to dress. You can get this at for about $199.95.

Are you always losing your keys or the remote? With the Smart Finder Remote Control Key Locator you will never spend wasted time looking for these lost objects again. The controller comes with four pressed on receivers that will attach to most household objects. Then when the object is lost you press the corresponding button on the control and the receiver will begin beeping, allowing you to find it. It will beep up to 60 feet away and runs off of three AAA batteries. You can get this amazing device at for about $60.

Tired of getting lost and refuse to ask for directions. Maybe the TomTom Go 510 is for you. This GPS device is more affordable than most. You plug it into your car; tap the touch screen to indicate your start and your end points. The TomTom’s mechanical voice will guide you how to get there turn by turn. It even has a blue tooth technology that will turn the TomTom’s speakers into a hands free phone, for safer driving. It sells for $599 at compared to about $900 for other GPS systems.

Are you always forgetting or losing your flash memory drives? Here’s a cute solution. It’s a bracelet and it’s a flash drive all in one. The clasp is actually a 256MC USB flash memory drive. You can loop the bracelet over your wrist or over a purse handle. It comes in the colors blue and black. It sells for $34.99 at Target.

Like working out no matter how the weather is outside? Want to take your IPOD along with you and you are afraid of rain or snow ruining it? Maybe the XtremeMac SprortWrap is want you need to protect your IPOD. The wrap is moisture proof and will fit securely around your upper arm via its Velcro strap. Another bonus is that this wrap is washable and includes a slit for headphones. It comes in the colors: purple, black, yellow and red. You can get it at for $29.95

Does your family have too many chargers? Most families have toys to charge, phones to charge, cameras to charge and on and on the list may go. Do you have enough outlets to charge them all in one night? Maybe you need the Targue mobile 70 Universal AC/DC Power Adapter. This adapter will allow you to charge up to 6 device chargers all at once. It is only six inches and weighs only one pound. Being this small, it may even free up some space on your counter. It sells for $119.99 at

Does your schedule change daily? Does your wakeup schedule change as well? Are you tired of changing the timer on your alarm clock every night? If you had a Neverlate 7-Day Alarm Clock, you wouldn’t have to change it nightly. This clock has the unique feature of allowing you to set what time you want to get up each day for a week, ahead of time. That means Sunday night, you just set for each day and you are ready for the week. Of course, it comes with all the features we love in our clocks, like snooze control. It sells for $34.99 at

Techno lovers are thrilled. Each day more inventions are made and they have more and more choices of some really cool devices.

If you want to stay on top of the techno world, you better not blink. The world of electronics and technology is changing at the speed of light; these products are prime examples of this.