In the latest attempt by the Hollywood movie moguls to capture audiences by revamping another series that has long expired, they give us: Star Trek. First, I have to say that I was never a big Star Trek fan. Sure, I watched an occasional episode but after Kirk reduced himself to peddling travel ads, I just lost a lot of interest. That said, I have seen a couple of the movies and like many older movies, the technology made them almost intolerable to me. The special effects were never really good and the creatures that were supposedly from other planets all looked strangely humanoid in nature. I always found it humorous that no one could come up with a surprising blob of a character except the Spielberg crowd. Of course then you have to deal with Mark Hamill and he always looked a little gay to me.

After saying all that and insulting a few people, let me say that I was pleasantly surprised by the introduction of the new Star Trek and I found myself engrossed in the story and the character and stayed up way past my bed time to finish it.

The new movie begins with the introduction of James Tiberius Kirk which is played by Chris Pine who also played the part of the eldest Tremor brother (Darwin) in 2006’s “Smoking Ace’s”. I loved that movie although it was a tad vulgar at times. Outside of those roles, he is relatively unknown outside of Hollywood with a few more minor parts up his sleeve but he is going to quickly become a star after this role. He has several more movies already coming including another one this year. So……….the movie begins with the introduction of Captain Kirk as a helpless infant being born in the heat of battle and we get to understand a little more about his rebellious nature and his history as he grows up back on earth and causes much havoc. The troubled young man then meets Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) who influences Kirk profoundly and convinces him to join the fleet.

Also during this time we meet Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) whose own background is tumultuous at best. Being a mixed breed has separated him from both worlds and we see Mr. Spock rise in the ranks at the academy as well. Low and behold, the two meet and it is not love at first sight. In fact, Kirk and Spock quickly become rivals of a sort and have some seriously depressing times at the expense of each other. The only thing that creeps me out a little bit is the fact that Zachary Quinto played Sylar in the television series, “Heroes”. The man does a wonderful job as Spock and he actually looks the part but I can’t stop thinking about him as Sylar and I have to say this, it creeps me out a little bit. I still want to punch him in the face and I can’t stop thinking that……..

We also see the introduction of Scotty who is played by Simon Pegg. You might remember him from the wonderfully finny hits, “Hot Fuzz” and “Shaun of the Dead” which incidentally, are two more of my favorite movies. Although, if you are not a man, you may not get the humor of those two films as it appears to be directly linked to the more, “anatomically correct” gender. Scotty is a bit of a hoot and yes, he does say, “I’m giving her all she’s got Captain”.

We get to meet “Bones” played by Karl Urban who was also the Russian hit man in “The Bourne Supremacy”. He actually does a very good job with this role and I think he really took the character and did it well. He even seemed to have some of the mannerisms down and I found it rather nice to see such a good job done.

The bad guy in this is played by Eric Bana who we all remember from that flop of a movie based on “The Hulk” but of course, Sam Elliot didn’t help that one out either (not like in Roadhouse or Ghost Rider). I shouldn’t be too hard on Eric Bana because he did a real good job in “Black hawk Down” (my favorite character in the film) and also in “Troy”, so maybe the suck factor should go to the screenwriters (and Sam Elliot).

The new onset of what I hope is a whole new series being reborn out of the ashes of what WAS Star Trek, is a wonderful story that keeps you wrapped in the characters and makes you want to keep watching. The performance of Chris Pine as Captain Kirk is absolutely a thrill to watch and I am sure that the young man will have many movies to come. All in all, this one is definitely worthy of a watch and it should be seen in the theater as the special effects and the pace of this movie will make the cost of that ridiculously over-priced popcorn and beverage seem almost tolerable in the declining economy. So, before you waste your hard earned money on food and shelter, I suggest forgoing the rent this month and maybe carpool a little so you have enough cash left to go sit down and actually watch Star Trek, on the big screen. Besides, with all the foreclosures lately, they won’t have time to get to you right away.

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