There are total nine planets in our solar system. The only one, as of now, that has signs of life and is the third one that is the earth. It is the planet that boasts of housing different living beings like humans, animals, plants and also the non living things and inanimate objects for the living ones to use.

Living beings, in spiritual terms, are generally travellers, who take birth on the earth, perform their duties and achieve their purposes and goals that they aim for right from their childhood and put their plans into action and execute them perfectly into their adulthood. Once this is done, they abandon their mortal bodies on earth and ascend to heaven.

This life cycle of day and night, birth and death, joy and sorrow has been going on since time immemorial and will continue to go on as long the existence of life on earth and, by the extension, the universe is there.

Human beings are quite different from animals as they have two arms and legs, a face, a heart and a mind that can think as far the creativity and imagination can go and one whose speed is faster than the speed of light and that is saying something.

There are two things that an individual does to earn a living that can be considered his source of income: a job and a business. An average human being or say the common man who has no great ambitions other than having an income that may be a little lower than expectations but enough to feed and look after the family comfortably looks out for such a job.

On the other hand, business is the option that is looked out for by those people who are either born in a privileged, well-off business family and who don’t need a job to survive but have the good fortune of inheriting everything from ancestors or those who, though not so well off, who are greatly ambitious in nature and not keen on having a typical 9 to 5 job that is monotonous and boring.

These are the people that have a keen, sharp and analytical mind that is very creative and think far and wide without any limit. They are the ones who are not satisfied with what they have but keep on aiming for the bigger and better, always on the lookout for opportunities (not to mention creating many of their own) for higher grounds.

However, there is one thing common between these two groups of people both job-driven people and businessmen. Both are dissatisfied with their respective professions and always feel that the other side is the better, luckier one and there is no end to this process. There is equal burden that is borne by both sets/groups with little respite and even little time to look after and take care of families.

Both groups have a house to live in. A roof on top of the head, along with clothes to cover the body and bread to eat are the three most essential commodities that are required to survive on the earth.

Having a good house is one that is the dream of every individual who is doing a job and provide a better lifestyle for the family. Gradually with the change of times and with a potential hike in salary or an even better job compared to the previous one may result in buying of a better house that is more spacious, bigger in size and more comfortable.

Naturally, along with buying new items for the new house, you would be needing to move the old ones into the brand new place for living. For this purpose, you need to have movers and packers who would help you in this regard that is shifting the different appliances and other items from one place to another.

So, in this article we are going to be talking about the best movers and packers that are there and what kind of affect does recession have on their jobs. But first of all we need to understand what is recession.

Recession, in simple terms, can be defined as a situation where there is general slow down in economic activity that has adverse affects on the economy which gradually results in decline in the job market and business setback.

In such a scenario, it is only natural that the movers and packers will also suffer due to recession as it will be no less than a punishment for their families.

Be it any kind of business even transportation business, will be impacted negatively during recession and the movers and packers business is no exception in this regard as losses in jobs will also cause lack of income generation that will eventually lead to huge losses to the business and result in its inevitable collapse.

The chicago movers are considered by many to be the best movers and packers that we have ever had and ever will as they are always onto their job in the most adverse of circumstances going from pillar to post to get it done on time and whose first priority is customer satisfaction and they have never failed the general public in this matter.

So, in conclusion, movers and packers, as a business, cannot be termed as recession proof in general terms as they are a business like any other and whose main aim is nothing more or less than any other business’: to generate income.