Through the houses of the birth chart, the Moon shows emotional reactions to the various areas of life as associated with the houses.

Moon Astrology

Just as the planets respond in differing ways depending on the signs and they situate in a birth chart, their house positions will give indication of their reactions to differing areas of life.

When interpreting the various house positions, unless the exact time of birth is known, the house cusps may not be truly accurate. An exact birthtime will contribut towards a much more complete and enlightening analysis.

It should also be remembered that any indication in a chart should never be accepted without first taking into consideration other, just as important aspects, then balancing these all together.

Moon in the First house

A receptive, emotional nature which could be influenced by the ideas or thoughts of those around him. High sensitivity could result in psychic leanings.

Moon in the Second house

Excellent financial and business sense since emotional well-being depends a great deal on financial security.

Moon in the Third house

Mental restlessness could lead to a variety of interests and ideas. Activities with brothers/sisters and neighbours will be interesting and varied.

Moon in the Fourth house

A smooth running domestic life and family relationships will be most important for emotional well-being, though changes in this area of life could be very likely.

Moon in the Fifth house

Attitude towards love-life and other social relationships could be changeable and somewhat unpredictable. Fondness for, and ability to get on well with children.

Moon in the Sixth house

Health greatly depends on emotional responses. Importance will be placed on hygiene and diet.

Moon in the Seventh house

A marital relationship would provide emotional security and marriage partner would probably be of a mater and dependable nature.

Moon in the Eighth house

A sensitive emotional nature which could be receptive or show interest in psychic activities. Deep emotions could lead to strong physical desires.

Moon in the Ninth house

A keenness to travel could result in the possibility of emigration or making a home far away from birthplace. Religion and philosophy may be included in interests.

Moon in the Tenth house

Professional ambition could lead to a successful career and parents may prove supportive in such ambitions.

Moon in the Eleventh house

Quite a popular person although the attitudes of friends and group acquaintances are likely to effect emotional well-being for better or worse depending on relationships. At the الابراج, all the information will be provided to the person of the twelve months. The steps to invite love should be taken as per the information provided at the site. 

Moon in the twelfth house

With such an extremely sensitive emotional nature, this person will need time to be alone in order to come to terms with his subconscious.

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