Technology has come a long way. Right from computers and the days when internet came into being to the digital revolution of the 21st century, mankind has been privileged to experience this phenomena and played a part in developing and enhancing it.

When we talk about technologies and inventions, we always think about the brilliant minds behind it who have immortalized themselves in the pages of science history and made it available to the common man for it is through them that the average guy or girl has found access to their work that has made their lives change for the better.

To say that the scientists have worked hard in doing so would be a gross understatement and belittling their capability. Not only have all of them burned midnight oil in creating history, but have also gone through certain compromises and even sacrifices to achieve their ends.

They had the gumption to set aside their personal lives and families for the benefit of mankind have catered to the whims and caprices of time and used every ounce of cunning and logics available to them in becoming what they are today.

Now the question that pops up in everyone’s mind is that even the stereotypical everyman who slogs day and night in his office also works very hard in achieving his ends in order to provide a better lifestyle for himself and his family, not to mention enduring daily taunts and tantrums of his boss (who is most often seen to be far below him in age and experience, lucky to be born in a well off family {read nepotism}) .

Let’s face it, both the regular everyone and people who have made history are assigned the same human body, with two arms, legs and ears, a face (with eyes, nose and mouth) and the same mind with a brain inside the head, neither more nor less.

obsession to achieve their ends at any cost and in the end, inevitably, their hard work, patience and perseverance paid off and they reached the top and went down in history for doing so, becoming an idol and inspiration for many future aspirants and a symbol of hope like no other.

The social media came into being with a slow and steady pace and is today at its peak. With social networking sites like twitter, facebook and instagram becoming toasts of the town, rendering print and electronic media obsolete, it has provided a platform for different individuals to prove themselves.

Entertainment is seen as the best form of stressbuster with movies and music providing the right dose of joy and happiness with the latter putting the mind at peace that has become sort of extinct with tension and pressure taking control of the mind and heart.

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So, why is it that only a fortunate few, among the 7.7 billion people (and counting) of the world, have succeeded in creating history? What qualities did they possess that other hard working individuals did not? What set them apart from others? What made them from being mere mortals to immortals and that too within a short span of time?

This is a Gordian knot that has been a topic of contention amongst many, less privileged individuals with many of them coming up with their own theories but not any definitive conclusions.

Let’s just analyze this point in a simple and easy way. There’s no denying the fact that all of us are born as mere mortals. But some succeed in becoming immortals while others don’t, despite putting in equal amount of hard work and efforts and the same 24 hours/365 days at their disposal too.

It is so because the fortunate ‘some’ who did what they did and became names and forces to be reckoned with is because they always though one step ahead of others. They not only had brilliant minds, but also creativity and innovation in abundance inside them.

They did not stick to the traditional rules and regulations but always into ‘out of the box’ content. While its true that both sides were allotted the same amount of time and technology, what made only a handful of them achieve fame and success (most importantly), is that they were atleast 10 years ahead of their time and thought so too.

They had a foresight of what the future held in store for the world and its inhabitants. They, like anyone and everyone, did not succeed in getting everything on the very first attempt. No, ALL of them encountered failures (huge ones) and the humiliation and taunts of the general public for thinking and acting different.

What made them succeed is that failure showed its ugly face again and again with each of their attempts, but that did not deter them from their path. Rather, it is these very failures that instilled in them the courage, determination, confidence and