Are you down with over-plucked over-slim eyebrows? Do, you spend half of the time of your make-up filling the thin brows? Now, that’s quite a woe! Don’t you want a semi-permanent if not permanent fix for the problem? You bet. Well, you can certainly count on microblading here. There is a good bunch of brooklyn microblading studio outlets that will help you to achieve your dream fuller looking eyebrows.

You must be looking forward to know more about microblading by now. The post below shares a brief about the top facts you should know about this increasingly popular cosmetic treatment today.

Microblading- a brief overview

Microblading can be defined as a nifty cosmetic treatment that involves filling up of eyebrows with tattoo ink (semi-permanent) to emulate the look of real brow hairs. You will get the ink in a wide range of pigmentations, ranging from black to ebony to dark brown and so on. But, microblading is not same as getting eyebrow tattoo. In eyebrow tattoo, the artist uses one single needle and a machine. But, in microblading, the technician uses one small blade which is comprised of multiple tiny needles. Also, in microblading the ink fades way faster than you see in eyebrow tattoo. A standard quality microblading treatment will last you for around 3 years at a stretch without any recharge in between.

How is it done?

Before getting into further discussions, it must be stressed here that you should get your microblading done from a certified and experienced microblading technician only. Also, make sure your chosen microblading studio is extremely particular about hygiene of the workplace and that of customers.

The process will start with your microblading specialist having a thorough consultation with you about the shape and depth of your eyebrow as well as the pigmentation to be used. After the shape and other related aspects are settled, you will be called for the microblading procedure.

First, the aesthetician would draw as well as fill up the brow part to create the desired look. After that, the professional will use the special microblading blade to create slices in skin to fill them with your chosen color pigment. The ink will seep into your epidermis and create the look of fine hair strokes to reward you with a thicker, darker and fuller looking eyebrow.

It’s to note here, the process will involve multiple sessions to complete. So, do not book your microblading treatment if you have a trip coming up soon. But then, the volume of sessions required for your microblading treatment would largely depend on the existing condition of your own natural eyebrows.

Perks of microblading

Natural-looking long-lasting results

Microblading is a wonderful cosmetic technique to give life to your thinned over-plucked brows. If done right, the treatment rewards your face with youthful fuller brows with the most realistic looks possible. No longer would you have to waste time in filling your eyebrows with your kohl pencil. It will help you to ready faster and enjoy life better.

Painless and safe

If the word “blade” is causing butterflies in your tummy, don’t worry. The whole process is almost painless and also safe. Reports of side-effects are not exactly common with microblading- provided you have chosen the right aesthetician and have taken proper pre and post treatment care.

Great for those down with ailments

Thinning of eyebrows is not always due to over-plucking. Sometimes, serious medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy too can make you lose out on the brow hairs. Microblading is an excellent solution in such cases.

Fast process

It won’t take more than 2 hours to complete the process per seating. The recovery time is also less and you can even drive for your office after a session.

Pre & Post care

Pre-treatment care tips

  • No caffeine and alcohol 48 hours prior to your treatment
  • Don’t take these medicines 48 hours prior to the treatment- Advil 48, Vitamin E, Niacin, Aspirin and Retinol
  • No tanning
  • No cosmetic treatment minimum 1 month prior to your treatment
  • No tinting, threading or waxing 7 days prior to the treatment.

Post treatment care tips-

  • Always air dry prior to applying any ointment
  • Use fragrance-free mild gel cleanser with water to keep the treated area clean
  • Avoid tanning or any kind of sun exposure
  • Don’t use any sort of make-up on brows for 15 days.