Marketing successfully to skeptical people continues grow into a larger challenge for more companies. Why? Because as consumers grow more informed many grow more skeptical too. It’s now estimated the average person is exposed to over 1000 ad messages per day. Over time a person exposed to those many ad messages each day mentally filters out the majority of messages they’re exposed to or they would never get anything done. Many in the marketing industry developed a term called ad blindness to describe this mental filtering process. Our San Diego SEO services can help your website rank in Google and increase the traffics. There will be growth will be traffic of the customers at the site. 

In addition, as the economy tightens more advertisers continue to make bolder claims, exaggerated promises and over the top messages trying to achieve marketing success. All these factors contribute toward cultivating more skeptical buying public. This growing public skepticism has given birth to a new businesses who special in selling to skeptical buyers.

A new set of guerrilla marketing rules have evolved and continues to grow and adapt to serve more informed and skeptical consumers. With more desperate marketers flooding the landscape, skepticism in a buyer is a logical survival tool. Any business who markets a product or service that prepares the most to meet this growing demand will have the best chance of future survival.

And the business most effective at selling to skeptical people will separate themselves from the competition. A University of California study revealed although they’re the hardest to sell, once you’ve sold a skeptical prospect they’re often the most loyal and can give you the most referrals. In addition, the study also revealed they’re the most difficult for competitors to steal away. These benefits alone is incentive for searching out effective ways to reach the skeptical buyer. Why? Because most businesses don’t have the specific marketing ideas on how to focus on and win skeptical people. Most hope to reach them by accident, by chance or by luck.

But we’ve found the best way to market to skeptical people is by applying 3 specific actions. These tips take the sharp-shooter rifle approach, instead of the shot-gun approach most. By following these simple but powerful ideas, any business can market to skeptical people with more confidence and success.

  1. Avoid Exaggeration:

Any hint of over promising sets off alarm bells in most skeptics mind. “If it sound too good to be true it is.” That’s the thought in the front of every skeptics mind. The trick is to market effectively without setting off or turning off the skeptic before you can explain your entire offer. So, make sure you start off with a soft sell benefit not a bold hard sell, high pressure claim. If you do the walls will go up and the light switch goes off. One trick is to make sure you always start off with a claim they can relate to.

  1. Don’t Just Tell Them – But Show Them Why:

If you have any children you know at some point in their development the most used word they spoke is the word why. That’s the thought in the mind of a skeptic whenever they hear, see or read a bold claim, a price reduction or a lower price. The word why comes to the front of their mind, whether they verbally say it to you or not. And you better answer that question to their satisfaction or no sale! In fact, answering the why question upfront gives you an edge. How? Because when that question is out of the way they can now focus better on your sales message. For example, the benefits, the proof, the call to action, etc. Extra tip: You can convince them quicker by telling and showing or demonstrating as you answer the why question for them.

  1. Remember The M.I.S.S Formula

The M.I.S.S formula means Make It Simple Sales. Meaning, make it as simple for them to listen, believe, and buy from you as possible. The sooner the better. One fact about skeptics, they never work hard to believe ideas they have doubts about. That’s your job. As a marketer you only have a few seconds to get them to listen, read or see your message, so make it simple. The key to dong this is to put yourself in your prospects shoes, anticipate initial objections and know their most urgent needs, wants and problems. In addition, provide them proof you, your product or service can solve their most urgent need, want or problem.