These days, having a lifeline to the Internet is more of a necessity than a luxury. Spending the weekend on the boat at the marina shouldn’t mean having to sacrifice online activities such as banking and trading, VPN access to the office, social networking and online guides for dining and entertainment.

If your marina’s list of amenities includes Beacon Wi-Fi, the largest supplier on East Coast of wireless Internet service to marinas, you won’t have to sacrifice a thing. When you stay at a marina that offers Beacon Wi-Fi, you can be sure that your wireless connection to the Internet will be fast and secure. And wireless access means freedom to move around – on deck, below deck, on your neighbor’s boat – anywhere you can pick up a Beacon Wi-Fi wireless signal, thanks to their free in-network roaming. It also means that everyone on board who has a laptop, i-Pad or mini notebook can enjoy the same fast, secure, reliable Internet connection. Anyone who boats with teens on board understands that this is huge!

Marinalife, the premiere online concierge and trip planning service, has partnered with Beacon Wi-Fi, bringing exclusive benefits to both marinas and boaters who have a membership with MarinaLife. Boaters can receive a 20% new subscriber discount, and marinas can receive up to 30% off their installation fee and a 15% new member discount off monthly services. This service also offers super boost wifi so users or customers can definitely have a good time because of the fast and reliable internet connection.

What makes Beacon Wi-Fi better than all the rest? They focus solely on one industry – marine. They have been providing marine Internet access since 2002 and their service is second to none. They offer technical support 7 days a week, 10-layer security to guard against identity theft, hacking and viruses, “in-cabin coverage” wireless designs, and their newest product, Triton’s Portal, a social network and industry portal specifically designed for the marine community. Triton’s Marine SPOTZ, a comprehensive marina amenity locator, allows you to select marina amenities based on location, ensuring that no matter where your Mercruisers take you, you will have everything you need when you get there.

Over 200 marinas from Maine to the Bahamas now offer Beacon Wi-Fi service. If you’re already a Marinalife member and your marina offers Beacon Wi-Fi, sign up today to take advantage of their special New Member Plans. If your marina does not yet offer Beacon Wi-Fi, tell them to sign up!

Getting away from it all shouldn’t mean having to do without it all. With Marinalife and Beacon Wi-Fi, you don’t have to do without anything. Now, before you even leave the dock, you can check your slip reservation at your next destination, check out local restaurants, get up to the minute weather and tide information, even reference nautical charts and chart your course, all with the click of a mouse. Boating and cruising just got a whole lot easier.