Bitcoin have revolutionized the world of currencies since 2019. It’s the modern way of getting, using and getting digital cash conveniently. Hence, more and more people engage with BTC, and the best bitcoin crypto exchanges have become available. You only need to know more about bitcoin to start earning big from it. 

What is Bitcoin and how can it help you earn Big today 

To begin with, bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency or digital currency launched last 2009. It’s a purely virtual money which doesn’t have physical form. Although, it’s capable of seamlessly used for different transaction, and its value is expressed in regular currencies such as dollar. 

Aside from being digital, BTC is also decentralized. No banking institution or government entity controls bitcoin. Instead, it runs on the blockchain, a platform where BTC transactions are publicly recorded. Moreover, no one can change or remove any recorded detail in the blockchain, hence preventing counterfeit crypto coins and double spending. 

Where Bitcoin came from 

Satoshi Nakamoto invented bitcoin and he have launched it last 2009. Basically, people can get bitcoin by mining it, and there’s only 21 million BTC all in all. As of late 2019, around 18 million have been already mined.  

To mine bitcoin, miners must solve extremely complicated algorithms to crack its codes. That’s why they opt to create mining machines which are computers with stellar computing power. It mining machines eliminates the difficulty of mining bitcoins, hence making it easy for people to acquire. 

How to get Bitcoin for yourself 

There are many ways to get bitcoin. First is the mining process which is stated earlier. You can build your own computing machine, use a reputable mining platform, and start getting your own bitcoin for it. But if you can’t build your own mining machine, you can use a mining cloud, or services which mines BTC for you on agreed payment charges. 

Aside from mining, you can also buy bitcoin. This is a more convenient way of getting bitcoins, although it costs quite higher depending on the crypto coin’s current value. You can sell services or products as well, then accept bitcoins as payments. 

On a side note, before you get and use bitcoin, you must open a bitcoin wallet first. A bitcoin wallet is a secured storage for the bitcoins you’d acquire in any means. Then, open an account in the blockchain. 

How to Earn from Bitcoin 

Trading and investing are the most popular ways to earn from bitcoin. For starters, note that BTC value drastically rise and drop in a short time. So, you can buy bitcoin when its value is generally lower. Once you already have bitcoins, you can sell or trade it up once the value rises. 

You can do BTC trading and investing by finding a reputable bitcoin broker or exchange platform. Simply put in the bitcoin from your wallet, then indicate the parameters of your trading. For example, tell how much bitcoin you want to trade. After selling, you can buy bitcoins after its value increases, and place it back to your wallet. 

These are only the basic info you must learn about bitcoin. Be sure to do your homework and search more about it before trading or investing using BTC. That would increase your chances of earning big from the crypto.