While there are some folks who have laser printers in their homes, these high-end printers are more frequently found in businesses of master computer Perth technicians that provides full accidental warranty of the device with a proper servicing chart. Occasionally those who make the decisions about office equipment might assume that it is better to just replace a printer that has broken down than it is to attempt laser printer repair.

However, there are many instances where it makes sense to undertake laser printer repairs before just throwing the machine out. Laser printers, especially, have some common areas which are more prone to breakdown, but which are also rather easy to fix or to simply replace a part.

Because of these common weak spots in most models of printers, it often is best to have the person within the company who can handle small repairs take a look to see if it is a simple matter to fix. If not, then it’s time to secure laser printer repair through a professional and authorized technician.

The majority of laser printer problems are fairly easy and straightforward to fix. In many instances, there are diagrams on the inside of the access panel that points out the areas to check. Next, if the laser printer manual is in the office, there is usually a section for troubleshooting that can be helpful. Also, most manufacturers also have their printer manuals available online, in case the office copy has gotten lost.

Online help is also often available at the manufacturer’s website. Some companies have support databases with common problems and resolutions, others have support staff available via chat for interactive help, and others will include a printer repair forum on their site which can be another good source of information.

One of the most common problem areas in laser printers is the fuser roller. This is the component that heats up and fuses, or melts, the dry toner onto the paper so that the toner adheres to the paper. Because the fuser rollers go through many cycles of intense heating, this is a part that usually needs to be replaced most often in a laser printer. A bad fuser roller is not an indication that the printer is destined for the scrap heap.

While you can call service printer repair to replace the fuser, in most instances new fuser rollers come in a kit that includes all parts and instructions needed to do-it-yourself. If you can release a couple levers, remove couple screws, remove the old fuser and slide a new one into place, replace a couple screws and reset the levers, you can consider yourself qualified to replace this key component in laser printers.

It should be noted that the surface of fuser rollers are subject to scratching, and scratches will result in poor printed images, so be sure to handle the replacement very carefully to avoid damage.

Every manufacturer is aware of the other parts in their printers that are subject to wear and breakage, and most have compiled maintenance kits that have replacements for these parts. These kits also come with diagrams and detailed instructions and are designed to be useful to the end user to help them avoid service calls.

If deadlines are tight and the pressure is mounting to get your documents printed, sometimes it is tempting to want to simple trash a printer that has problems. However, very often a great deal of money can be spared but at least attempting laser printer repair before making a final decision to replace the printer.