Vapes are becoming popular these days and given the numerous numbers of products available in the market, it is often very difficult to decide which to choose. Whether you want large mods or stealthy pods, there is always option for each and everyone. Now, there is often a dilemma about vapes and juuls. Are there any differences? Well, the following post might come handy to clear the confusion so that you can make an informed choice for vaping.

What is Juul?

Juul is one of the newer kinds of nicotine delivery system. It is gaining a lot of praise and popularity in the market of vaping of late. Although it looks very similar to vape pens, yet there are certain key differences between the two which you need to take into account before purchasing. The pods, liquid inside the pods, overall size and closed vaping system are the newest features of Juuls which essentially differentiate it from the standard vape pens. 

What are the vapes?

Vape pens have three components: battery, liquid reservoir and a heating coil. It can be activated by filling the liquid reserve, pressing the button and inhaling. In fact, there are different styles prevalent in the market from which you can choose the right fit for you.

Understanding the differences

  • When we are comparing the two we have to acknowledge that both have distinctiveness and advantages of their own. Juul prices are almost close to start-up packs of vapes. However, they can be a little expensive when we compare the flavor pods with the e-liquids used in vape pens. 
  • One crucial advantage that vapes have over Juuls is that the former provides a wider range of customization on the amount of nicotine delivered and flavors used. 
  • The entire design of the Juul is very simplistic and therefore it has craze among the teenagers. Those who are new to vaping usually choose this option instead of vape pens. However, the nicotine concentration is very high in Juuls which can lead to addiction at some point. 
  • Juul also crops any confusion regarding multiple pieces, switches and buttons and that is why it has gained huge popularity among young users. It is almost about the same length as cigarette and is light weighted. Those who are looking for quitting cigarette may find bliss in Juuls. But Juuls do not offer the flexibility of ample customization. 
  •  The cartridges in Juuls are usually filled with liquid which is made with high concentration nicotine salt. These saltscarry nicotine strength of less than 60 milligrams per milliliter. Higher nicotine concentration can lead to lasting of a pod for up to three days. They offer various flavors as well which have commanded great popularity now-a-days. However, as far as vapes are concerned, there are numerous numbers of devices and liquids available in the market. The amount of nicotine and flavor depend upon the preferences of the customers. Vape pens, unlike the Juuls, give you complete customization opportunity that would help if you are going to use it for long time.

What do you think is best for you? It completely depends upon what kind of experience you are thinking of getting. Juuls are like newest technology that is user friendly and designed to help people quit smoking. On the other hand, vapes give you a lot of opportunities and option to choose from, so that you can use it according to your choice.