There’s nothing like a fireplace to add the cozy factor in any home. Be it the children’s books, poetry, song lyrics or Christmas cards, fireplaces have always represented the warmth and security of home. Though the days when children huddled around hearths to listen to exhilarating tales from grandparents have departed, the current sales trends of fireplaces indicate that they still yield the same tenderness and security in every home.

With modernization, the only change that is perceived is that instead of the ‘titanic’ traditional wood-burning hearths, in recent times people increasingly prefer petite ventless fireplaces or a portable fireplace. Today, fireplaces are no longer merely possessions that provide warmth in a harsh climate, but also are objects of ambience, pleasure and multiple utilities. Lack of space and adequate ventilation in most apartments and high rises has forced owners to opt for ventless gas fireplaces or a gel fireplace which may also double up as book shelves or closets. With their easy installation they are quite popular among the masses. You can easily order these ventless fireplace for your home and get all your woodworkinganswers on this website as well.

The more contemporary fireplaces are also portable and ventless. They can also be installed easily in a couple of hours and need a little over four feet of space in any corner of your room. While no additional ventilation is required for the ventless fireplaces, they are energy efficient, too, as the heat remains inside the room. Similarly, a portable fireplace can be carried anywhere and add to the pleasures of your outdoor life, be it the patio, portico, garden or even the deck! All such modern-day fireplaces are available in varied designs and finishes and add to the décor of the interiors where they are installed. These fireplaces also come with designed ceramic logs and artistic shutters that help to control the flames.

Ventless Fireplaces, Gel Fireplace, Gel Fuel

For efficacy, expediency as well as efficiency in a fireplace, the current bestsellers are those that run on gel fuel, followed by electric, gas, oil and wood-burning appliances. A fireplace that runs on gel fuel has a number of advantages: it provides some heat, consumes little energy, and is easy to maintain. Unlike the ventless gas fireplaces that emit toxics and contaminants like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides and aldehydes that are harmful both for the health as well as the home, a gel fireplace is economic and environment friendly.

Portable Fireplace, Ventless Gas Fireplaces

Ventless gas fireplaces run on natural gases or propane which is often in short supply. In addition, such fireplaces can be installed and maintained only by licensed and skilled heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) personnel and you not only have to worry about the regular gas supply, but also keep tab of experienced HVAC staff in your area to keep your home warm.

On the contrary, a gel fireplace is easy to install and use. With the help of manuals provided by the marketing companies, one can install such fireplaces in a couple of hours and that too just with a screwdriver! Since such fireplaces run on gel fuel, an alcohol-based fuel, they emit no smoke, fumes or ashes, but only water vapor. The fuel is also abundant in supply and one can of this alcohol-based fuel burns approximately three hours and provides up to 3,000 BTU making it the most cost-effective energy for any model of ventless fireplaces or a portable fireplace. What is most significant is that most alcohol-based fuels also provide romantic crackling sounds and flames that are reminiscent of the traditional wood-burning hearths of the bygone era.

Therefore, there is little wonder why these alcohol-based fuel fireplaces are in such great demand today. Conforming to the styles and requirements of the times, these fireplaces have definitely changed the façade of the conventional hearths, but have carefully preserved the comfort, luxury and musings of the good old days!