The ICC World Cup 2011 schedule is rather long. Today, the ICC World Cup 2011 schedule begins a 43-day march to the championship. Cricket’s championship takes just over a month and crams in over 60 matches to boot. But in this case, they only need 49 matches to declare a champion, though they won’t need one until April 2. Right around the time that the Final Four is held here, much of the foreign sporting world will be following the end of the ICC World Cup.

Friday’s opening ceremonies kicked things off in Bangladesh, as a prelude to today’s opening match the ipl 2020 schedule pdf has been given to all the cricket fans so that they can know the dates for matches and tickets booking; not only that they will also receive some merchandise if they book the tickets in the first opening session. Bangladesh takes on India, which is co-hosting the event with Sri Lanka. After that, the 14-team field will begin knocking each other out for over a month.

The first round of the World Cup lasts until March 20. Each squad plays six matches, with the top four teams in the two seven-team groups moving on to the quarterfinals. New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Australia, Canada and Kenya make up Group A, with India, Bangladesh, England, South Africa, the West Indies, Ireland and the Dutch in Group B.

The quarterfinal round is April 23-26, with one match on each day. The four winners get a few days to rest before the semifinals on March 29 and 30. There is no third-place match in this tournament, so the losers will be sent out right away.

On April 2, the World Cup wraps up with the championship in Mumbai, India. However, there is controversy over whether the stadium is a fire hazard, as Wankhede Stadium has not yet met the fire safety standards. But it will hold two first-round games on March 13 and 18 as a test run.

The nation can’t afford anything to go wrong, like it has with other major sporting events. As ESPN Star points out, Delhi’s Commonwealth Games failed to complete stadium construction on time, with parts falling down and injuring people in the process. Although India isn’t the sole host of these games, it is the home of the grand finale.

Before then, the ICC World Cup will garner attention for its new format. This year’s structure was last used in 1996, but it was put back in place after the 2007 tournament. There are suspicions it was done to help the superpowers, after India was knocked out abruptly in 2007.

While India is looking for redemption, starting with today’s opener, Australia is waiting to begin its title defense. The ICC World Cup starts for Australia on Monday against Zimbabwe, while Sunday features Kenya vs. New Zealand and Sri Lanka vs. Canada.