I have owned this business with my father for 8 years now and we have had our ups and downs with it. In the beginning we had almost no idea of how to start this business or how to get customers. We didn’t know what we needed to have and how to organize it to be able to be most effective and profitable.

We had the love for clean cars and always kept ours in the best shape we possibly could. What we did not know was that the knowledge that we had from the care for our own cars was not even close to what was needed to run a business in that field. Very soon I found out that even though I knew a lot, I needed to learn a lot more about auto detailing and how its done.

You see, when you detail cars for yourself you are able to take your time and spend even a whole day doing your car because time really doesn’t matter to you. It is different when you detail cars for customers who are paying you and when you think about it you have to be the most efficient with your time because the more cars you are able to do every day the more money you will be able to make.

To have the work I also saw that I need to have effective ways of getting customers to call me, book an appointment or even visit my website to check prices and book an appointment after they have decided that they would like to do business with us.

Different customers have different expectations and different requests. We had to have all the tools available for us to be able to do all of the work that the customers needed. We needed a polishing machine, different compounds, polishes, pads for the machine and way more brushes, microfiber towels and the list goes on and on. We needed to have a way to bring water with us, to bring electric and all the cleaning products we needed to do the job and be 100% self sufficient.

Let me tell you that finding out all of those things was very time consuming and made the whole process of being successful and profitable way harder than needed. For this reason I have set up a website on how to start a mobile car detailing service. This is done to help future auto detailers move faster and let them become successful easier. I just want to help people out so they wont lose time and money because of lack of knowledge.

On this site I tell you everything I learned and found out by making mistakes and learning from them. I tell you what you need to have, how to get customers, how to treat your customers so they will return to you. You will find out how to do the work so you do it in less time and are able to get to your next customer to make more money.